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How Doctor Who Is Regenerating Television Through Social Media And Smart Broadcasting (Forbes)

Anyone keeping even half an eye on media trends in the last few years will be aware of the terms ‘event television’ and ‘second screening’. Television has always been social, but the twenty-first century has seen social groups remaining connected around the world through… 10 more words

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Are mobile devices a threat to your business?

How many of your employees have smart phones? Probably a high percentage. If so, do you recognise the risks that employees with smart phones can pose to your organisation? 448 more words

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Mobile Advertising in France Grow Day by Day

As we witness the transition of use from personal computers to the portable mobile devices, we perceive the change as a welcome one, thanks to the convenience and ease of use of a smart device. 467 more words

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Where The Big Money Will Be Made In Mobile (And How You Can Get Your Share)

Shortly after Nokia announced its intention to build smartphones running Windows Phone, Microsoft invited me and a few of my colleagues to a private meeting with three Windows Phone developers who were among the first to build apps for the platform. 536 more words

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The mobile web usage - Will it surpass the desktop use ?

“Mobile-first” is an often-empty term — like “viral,” “native” and “social” — that’s thrown around without much thought into what it really means. Mobile is a foundation, not a feature. 309 more words

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Facebook wants to let mobile users run keyword searches on friends’ profiles (VentureBeat)

Facebook has finally realized that you might want to use your mobile device to dig back into content your friends have posted in the past. And it’s working on it. 20 more words

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What You Need to Know Before Pressing Send

Last year Papa Johns and Domino’s settled class action lawsuits for a combined total of more than $26 million due to unsolicited text messages. That’s right, text messages cost the chains a lot of dough (yes it’s cheesy but we couldn’t resist). 265 more words