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About Pay to Win

If you play a Pay to Win game, you are a stupid person. It’s blunt, it’s offensive, but it’s also the truth.

Let’s put it into perspective. 206 more words

Mobile OS

Choosing a mobile OS for Enterprise - Top 10 check list questions

We had some great questions last week about mobile OS so I decided to write a few more blogs about some of them.  Today we have a top 10 check list to help you choose the right mobile OS for your enterprise. 445 more words

Mobile Technology

Console OS: Dual-Boot Android, Remastered for The PC #KICKSTARTER

Android on PC, that’s exactly what is Console OS. Looks interesting right?? Console OS supports dual-boot, i.e your desktop or x86 tablet can run both Windows and Android. 423 more words


Coming of age in mobile. Yahoo buys Flurry

I wanted to comment briefly on the news that Yahoo! has acquired Flurry. This a turning point, or a milestone. A marker of some sort. The End of the Beginning of Mobile, something along those lines. 946 more words


The End of Nokia Series 40? I hope not

Among the big tech news items last week was Microsoft’s announcement that they were going to cut 18,000 employees and restructure the company. The big cuts seem to be coming from the recently-acquired Nokia handset business. 933 more words


iOS 8

WWDC 2014 presented apple users with a developer preview of their new iOS 8 which pretty much looks the same as iOS 7, but with some new features. 106 more words