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More Windows Phone May Have Received Denim Than Thought

Tonight I reset my Lumia 920 for the power button was not locking/unlocking the phone, apparently a common problem. After finishing the process, there was a notification saying welcome to denim and see more. 252 more words

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How Android Boots?

Android is an open source mobile operating system developed by Google Inc. and is based and operates on Linux kernel. There is a difference, Linux kernel is based on x86 architecture but almost all Android phones now are running on ARM architecture (Advanced RISC Machines) except Intel Xolo 900 which runs on Atom 1.6 GHz x86 processor. 642 more words


Vsenn is a modular smartphone with triple layer encryption

Google’s Project Ara hopes to free users from the yearly upgrade cycle that exists in the smartphone world. With the ability to swap out or upgrade various components of your smartphone, the goal is to reduce waste while also reducing the cost of always having the latest mobile hardware in your pocket. 249 more words


Google is going to light up a titan intelligent billboard in New York City

In the nick of time for the Christmas shopping season, Google is situated to light up a goliath intelligent announcement in New York City. Fueled by Mitsubishi Electric, the Diamond Vision AVL-Odt10 presentation will turn into the biggest electronic bulletin to ever beauty the famous Times Square. 257 more words


Tough Love: Why We Left Our BlackBerrys

As you have probably noticed, we have recently made the change from BlackBerry to iPhone (which you can read about on Lauren’s blog and David’s blog… 1,279 more words


BABA: Portfolio Manager Summary

Alibaba is a bet on the growth of commerce in China, not just online commerce but a broad definition of commercial activity. Alibaba is now deeply entrenched in China’s business future. 489 more words


Launching "Coverage" of Alibaba

Over the next few days I will lay out some of my thoughts on Alibaba. I have been reading through their S-1 filings since they became available and a few things stood out for me. 502 more words