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Cell Phones and Human Occupation

   People have drastically transitioned their lives into mobile devices. It strikes me with surprise and utter resentment everyday witnessing people absorbed in their phones. There is obviously something terribly wrong to possess so many people into mindless occupation within this technology. 291 more words

ASUS Roadshow in Mid Valley Megamall

Hey! News have been quite slow these days, and ASUS Malaysia is spicing things up!

They will be having roadshow which starts from Wednesday, 20th August 2014 to Sunday, 24th August 2014 in Centre Court, Ground Floor of Mid Valley Megamall. 161 more words

Happy Days...

When GSM phones were first introduced to us in Nigeria, there was so much excitement. People were now able to go about with mobile phones like it’s done in advanced countries. 456 more words

Word For Now!

RISK EXAMPLE: Drone drops mobile phones over prison walls in Greece | BBC News

A remote-controlled helicopter carrying a box of mobile phones has reportedly landed inside the grounds of a jail near the central Greek town of Larissa. 121 more words


Facebook Messenger App, Are You Concerned?

I have been researching the Facebook Messenger App issues for the past 3-hours now and here is what I discovered.  Basically Facebook states that the new messenger app, makes it faster and easier for you to connect with your family and friends and that may be true but I also discovered that with so many app permissions,  it’s a great way for Facebook to dig in and really find out what you love, where you want to go, what you like to eat, who you are talking to, where you like to shop, what you like to look at and so-on and so-on,  that way they can send targeted advertising to you no matter where you are on the internet or how you got to the internet even Mobile Devices… 295 more words

What The Heck Is Social Media?


Do you get crippling anxiety when you’re without your cellphone? You could have nomophobia, the fear of being without your cellphone. Diane Moalem investigates this new-age phenomenon. 920 more words


Responsive Website: Explained

In this blog post I will explaining what a Responsive Website is. Why they are important to have and my opinion of them. I will also be giving a tip to those who are having trouble getting their responsive layout to work on a Windows Phone. 397 more words