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Google Voice Search for Android now lets you speak up to five languages

Google today updated its Google Search app for Android with support for handling multiple languages at once in voice search. You can download the new version now directly from Google Play. 156 more words

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Opera Mini To Become The Default Browser On Microsoft’s Featurephones Before They Are Phased Out

Opera Software has signed a partnership with Microsoft that will pre-install Opera Mini as the default browser on Microsoft’s featurephones and Asha phones.

Included in the licensing agreement are devices based on the Series 30+, Series 40, and Asha software platforms. 217 more words

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Pay With Cash, Credit Card, Smart Phone, Veins! Wait...What?

I seldom carry cash any more because it’s so easy to just keep track via a credit  or debit card but now the options in paying for merchandise are getting a little too futuristic for my taste and quite honestly, I don’t think I’m ready to go there yet…or ever! 446 more words


Why Access to Screens Is Lowering Kids' Social Skills

People have long suspected that there’s a cost to all this digital data all the time, right at our fingertips. Now there’s a study out of UCLA… 488 more words

Why are Mobiles so Distracting While Driving?

Multitasking… Texting… Checking Twitter for traffic updates on your way to work.

Perhaps you don’t even realise you do it, but phone use while driving is becoming a bad habit for road users. 435 more words

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Reception To The Mob

Banking on new freedoms lead towards the five spectacle of growth. A welcome reception always helps the initial nervousness. Perhaps conversation is a bit too stern and brutal. 533 more words


Ruined social life

How many times have you been at a restaurant or bar and glance over at the couple or family sitting next to you, only to note that they’re buried in their phones, not speaking a word? 153 more words

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