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Disrupt Winner Vurb Raises $8 Million To Steal Mobile Search From Google

The conundrum of mobile is you either use one convenient app that is mediocre at doing many things, or you have to discover and hop between a flotilla of single-purpose apps. 1,086 more words


Google's Pigeon may put Digital PR on the front seat

Google’s recent focus on improving local search has not only given consumers more relevant results, it has also given small businesses more exposure to consumers in their neighbouring areas. 338 more words

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The State of Search Marketing

Welcome to another ‘Infographic Tuesday’. As we go deeper into Summer we find ourselves with more time to absorb great data and information that’s been shared online. 55 more words


Relcy Is Building A PageRank-Style Mobile App Search Engine With $9M From Khosla And Sequoia

As our connected world becomes more focused around mobile devices, we are increasingly app-centric, eschewing the wider mobile Internet in favor of individual, native programs that fulfill specific purposes. 1,154 more words


Yahoo still in sales rut as CEO Marissa Mayer unable to rev company engines

“Yahoo! on Tuesday said it will sell about one-third fewer Alibaba shares than expected — but even this shareholder-friendly news wasn’t enough to deodorize an otherwise stinky quarter,” Kaja Whitehouse reports for The New York Post. 200 more words


Google will call out flash-heavy websites on mobile search

Adobe(s adbe) stopped developing Flash for mobile devices in 2011, and since then most providers of mobile video and interactive webpages have moved to competing standards… 213 more words


Google Search On Mobile Now Warns When A Site Won't Work On Your Device

Google is on track for mobile search queries to overtake those on desktop this year, and today it took one more step forward in how it is will control that experience on behalf of its users — for better or for worse.  651 more words