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Nokia Lumia 630's colorful backside

Nokia Lumia 630′s colorful backside There have been leaks showing the front of the Nokia Lumia 630 , but a complete view of the Windows Phone 8.1 hardware has been elusive… until now. 16 more words

BBM to let you share photos in multi-person chats and transfer larger files

BlackBerry has been on a BBM roll lately, unleashing the messaging service on not just iOS and Android but Windows Phone as well. However, that’s not all that’s up the Waterloo company’s sleeve. 17 more words

Apple explains how the iPhone's fingerprint sensor keeps your info secure

If you’ve ever wanted to know how the iPhone 5s’ Touch ID fingerprint security works beyond a basic overview, you’ll be glad to hear Apple has just delivered a motherlode of new details. 16 more words

Twitter and Vine: coming soon to a theater near you

Silence is golden, reads your local theater’s pre-film please turn off your mobile device. It’s a courtesy to other moviegoers, of course, but a deal between Twitter and theater advertising firm National CineMedia could tweak this gold standard. 6 more words

Nokia’s most affordable Asha touch phone.

Announced today, the quad-band Nokia Asha 230 is rewriting the mobile rulebook. Packed with apps, maps and easy web-browsing, it’s a phone for all.

With Nokia Fastlane, the Nokia Asha 230 allows you to swipe to your favorite apps, tap to share with others and pull down to see what’s new. 428 more words


NYC's subway wireless will soon reach Grand Central Terminal and Queens

New Yorkers won’t have to wait long to get internet access at some of the biggest commuting hubs in their fair city — Transit Wireless has started the second phase of its subway wireless rollout. 13 more words

T-Mobile will give you $250 if you trade in your old BlackBerry for a new one

If you hadn’t heard, BlackBerry chief John Chen isn’t happy with T-Mobile — he believes the carrier fired a shot across the bow when it enticed BlackBerry users to switch phones in a recent promotion. 11 more words