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Breathe & Stay Tight at the Same Time?!?

Do you find yourself thinking/saying any of the following?

  • What do you mean when you say “keep your midline stable”
  • How the heck do I keep my midline tight and breathe….in addition to kicking butt in my workout…
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First Key to Productful Living? Health

So, where have I been for a few weeks now?  Laid up, that’s where.

We’ve all been made aware of the dangers of sitting.  Personally I’ve been conscious of the problem of sitting for a couple of years now, as I find I’m stiffer and stiffer in my hips when I get up from my chair.   350 more words


Internet of things and You!

You, the consumer, are at the center of a disruptive digital revolution that is being led by technology. It started with social media (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc.), got charged by mobility and smartphones (Mobile apps), and now awaits the next frontier with Internet of Things, 3D printing, wearable techs and sharing economy. 720 more words

Thought Leadership

Are we there yet?

Francis Woodhouse is a postdoc at The University of Western Australia.

Born and bred in England, he did a bunch of degrees at the University of Cambridge—first a bachelor’s and a master’s in Mathematics and then a doctorate in Mathematical Biology—before moving out to Perth. 1,153 more words

Research Culture

Postdoc-ing around

I have recently graduated from my PhD and am working in my first post-doctoral (post-doc) position.

Before I carry on with the rest of this post, I feel I should clarify that I love my job and I intend to stay in academic research! 802 more words


Get Low

I was perusing the internets the other day and in the middle of reading about how to improve upon my squat depth I came across THIS guy: 624 more words


February: the shortest month of the year? – The best on EPRS blog

If by chance you are a woman interested in politics and living in a city, February on our blog was surely your favourite month this year! 526 more words