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Bike Detroit

Bikes have spiked my interest this week & I am hoping into my life permanently. I have stumbled upon Detroit Bikes – “We cut, cope, bend, weld, paint, assemble and package each bike in our 50,000 square-foot factory in west Detroit” 100% Detroit Made. 453 more words

Ride Sharing: The Big Opportunity for Cities

Uber, Lyft and Sidecar present cities with the opportunity to radically transform transportation in their communities. If cities make use of the lessons they are learning from work with car share firms like Zip Car and with bike share programs, they are likely to achieve remarkable success in the newest iteration of the sharing economy. 544 more words


Farewell to Napoli

I’m writing this from the Fife coast. Yes, that’s it, my trip to Naples is over…where have two months gone?

It has been a wonderful and challenging experience and one I will cherish. 148 more words

In a Crowded Space

I’m walking along an airport terminal. Or down a city sidewalk. Or across a large lobby. Any concourse will do. The floor is relatively flat, but my white cane will identify pesky unevenness. 224 more words

Low Vision

5 Ways To Improve Your Workouts (Stronger, Faster, Smarter)

These days you never know what you might walk in the gym to see. Could be people curling in the squat rack or could be people still curling or even the picture above. 640 more words

Who's Free Now?

Nobody is ever going to claim that Avatar (2009) is highbrow or art house, or that it’s meant for an elite audience. It’s an old-fashioned Hollywood blockbuster telling a story we all know (does Disney’s… 959 more words

Four Freedoms


Rest Day.


Make sure to spend plenty of time on mobility today.  If your hamstrings or quads are smoked from the last few days, make sure to find a superfriend or get comfortable with your lax balls or mobility wod gear.