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FREE Sessions!! "Bring a friend week"

From the 21st Of April we are offering a special offer to all new customers wanting to try out Cross Fit for completely FREE. See what all they hype is about!! 129 more words


Three weeks ago, when all the other doors had been locked and the people within them had fallen asleep, a woman who just celebrated her twenty-ninth birthday opened her closet and took the hangers off of the rack. 712 more words

ViPR Versatility

Today was a perfect morning for a whole body integrated workout in the sun. Took my new 16 kg ViPR for a spin with a wide range of series during a 35 minute workout. 30 more words

How well do teen test scores predict adult income?

The short answer is, pretty well. But that’s not really the point.

In a previous post I complained about various ways of collapsing data before plotting it. 591 more words

Post 408

I’m sure that you are all aware by now that the suspect detained in connection with the robbery at Eurospar last weekend was apprehended in Belfast after a high speed chase by Police. 114 more words

CrossFit and Knee Pain

For many people my age, joint pain is a real concern.  And a real source of discouragement. But  I’ve seen big improvements in mobility since starting CrossFit. 471 more words

It's No Longer Enough

At this point in my training, I am trying to find ways to keep training like an animal while also staying healthy. I know, I know the holy grail. 281 more words