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There's no such thing as an iPad app

After the reviews of the iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3 trickled out yesterday, the meme on Twitter seemed to be “Apple needs to create better iPad apps.” … 1,244 more words

Movement and Life

Movement and mobility are as old as mankind itself. It refers simply to the change in position of a body. It is what enables our bodies to operate in all its delicate, wondrous complexity seeing as there is virtually no life process that doesn’t require a degree of movement. 236 more words

Tosimies ei venyttele

Saavuit ehkä tänne hienon klikkiotsikon perusteella. Tervetuloa! Otsikkohan on tietysti silkkaa valhetta, vaikka varmasti pitää monen treenaajan osalta paikkaansa.

Ehkä huomasitkin, että olen hiukan friikahtanut… 359 more words

CROSSFIT BMF 10/22/2014

1 Arm DB Strict Press

Start low, go high.  Alternate arms, work up to heavy single.



15 Double Unders

10 Pushups

5 burpee pullups… 16 more words

Andrea Ager and the ULTIMATE Air Squat

We just spotted this on Andrea Ager’s Instagram page.

Think you’ve got a solid air squat, with perfect range of motion, mobility and strength? Well test your squat with a partner…on your shoulders AND with no hands.


The Ageing Europe - Worker mobility key to tackle EU demographic and skills challenges reports says

To address the effects of population ageing, the EU will need to close the gender gap and increase the participation of young and older workers in the labour market, but mobility and migration also have a key role to play. 460 more words

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CROSSFIT BMF 10/21/2014

Snatch Balance or OHS Squat Practice

Work up to a heavy snatch

Heavy hang snatch pulls (3-3-3)



30 Power Snatches for time (135)


100 Ab-mat sit-ups