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Chapssalddeok (Korean Style Mochi)



For sweet red bean filling:

Red beans, sugar, salt, rice syrup, vanilla extract.

For rice cake:

Sweet rice flour, sugar, salt, red food coloring, potato starch powder… 436 more words


The fancy dinner

Sometimes we all need a little treat and a pick me up to feel better. And sometimes a really nice dinner is called for! So yesterday before the Easter Friday. 334 more words


Special thanks to LA CEZEN for the gift

As the President of LA CEZEN is paying a visit in Malaysia, they brought a gift from Japan and Its bath additive product to me. Thank you so much and I feel so touched with it! 74 more words


Japanese Tea Cakes at Hogetsu Bakery

I have traveled to the west side of Chula Vista many times because my best friend used to live there. In my many years of traipsing around Chula Vista with Keyanna, I never came across this bakery even though it was only about half a mile from her home! 679 more words

Going Wild for Waffles at Waffle Gone Wild

Located on West Broadway, this cute little waffle place is the place to be for all you Liege waffle lovers. I did indeed go wild for their waffles. 155 more words

Food Adventures

Japanese Value Through Bikes

After a two day hiatus (one day for my birthday in Japan, and one in America, of course) I would like to talk about bicycles! 665 more words