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Mochi Craze for the week of Oct 13-18

Stuffed Mochi

There’s been a Mochi Craze nowadays and let’s just say I’ve jumped the bandwagon!

What is it?

Mochi for those who don’t know is a Japanese rice cake.

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In love from the first bite: When mochi cakes reached Manila

From afar, they look like cute little hedgehogs stored inside a glass fridge. Passing through the shops, these delicacies are usually caged inside glasses and presented to customers as is — light-colored, small circular cakes lined together in rows. 436 more words


MOCHINAGE (rice cake throwing) in Nagoya

Yesterday, I got to take part to a pretty cool event – MOCHINAGE (rice cake throwing) in Nagoya.

What happens? The supporters (A.K.A donors) of the Shiroyama Shrine we were at get to throw the rice cakes from the top of a scaffolding type of structure. 98 more words


My Reply To Your Letter

So you DO read my blog.
1. You sanofabeech, you wanted to give up during times of peril and leave me? Are you not man enough to face your mistakes? 278 more words


Propose to me with a box of pizza. I shall eat the pizza while you convince me to accept. The quality of the cheese will determine our future :P… 35 more words


Naps, the great ones do not leave you feeling like you just got hit by a bus.

I wish I can find a new source of comfort. 128 more words

Because Of You

I felt an overwhelming rush of chemicals in my bloodstream. It felt numb and I realized that I was crying a few seconds later and my heart felt tremendous pain. 45 more words