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Upton’s Natural Breakroom Sandwiches

I recently was on my way home from work with quite the drive ahead of me and a lack of lunch didn’t help. 162 more words


Skillet Italian Sausages (vegan) with Potatoes and Peppers

I’ve been on my vegan journey for nearly 2 years now, but I still occasionally get a meat cravings. It’s usually triggered by one of Marco’s BBQ’s, when I see my friends and family enjoying his gourmet sausages from the local organic butcher. 251 more words


Mock Meat: Tesco Soya Mince (Bolognese Sauce)

I don’t think this is exactly new from Tesco, but it’s the first time I’ve seen it. They have a soya based mince in their frozen section. 256 more words

Seitan Rissoles / Seitanfrikadellen Recipe

Native German girl that I am, I can hardly imagine a life without Frikadellen (Rissoles). The non-vegan version is usually made of ground meat, half pork, half beef plus old bread or bread crumbs, onions and some sort of seasoning. 697 more words