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This mock up will save our world!

“Any fool can complicate things. It takes a genius to make things simple”.

Woody Guthrie (or Albert Einstein)

After my last ice level concept, and its crash against the Game Design’ requirements, I was quite afraid Wizards’ Duel aesthetic would have been turned in some shoddy pixels sh#t.

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Concept Art

All Business... Cards.

Business cards are one of my very favorite design projects, when you are designing business cards for someone you are creating a brand (if they don’t already have one they are asking you to follow) and that is a pretty incredible opportunity. 291 more words

Business Cards

BMW Saloon concept

I’ve taken to some of the BMW models and felt inspired to design my own take on what I think would be a good look for a production BWW saloon. 173 more words

AT100 & AT200 Launch Party

On July 21st Hitachi hosted a private viewing in London for the unveiling of the AT100 & AT200 mock ups.

Hitachi AT100 (Metro)

The AT100 was designed to meet the needs of metro operational conditions and requirements outlined by Hitachi. The design meets the demands of an early morning rush, whilst providing passengers with clear information and a range of comfortable seating. 57 more words

Better Google Glass Design with 6 GlassWireframe Updates

We’ve made a few updates to improve designing mockups for Google Glass! Here are two of the big ones.


Now you can add your thoughts as you plan-out your app. 132 more words

Google Glass

Hey! Who you callin' a dummy!??!

Now, before you think this is a personal post, or one steered at those who may feel insecure about their print knowledge, this post is about one of the simplest and easiest tools at a printer’s fingertips: paper dummies. 293 more words