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"It's not the oil that's dirty, it's the politics. "

If oil is moving around North America, the best way to do it is via pipeline, not via railroads (which is happening). The latest delay in Keystone XL is… 287 more words


Could Climate Change Have Caused the Polar Vortex?

According to Time Magazine: “Climate change skeptics are pointing to the record cold weather as evidence that the globe isn’t warming. But it could be that melting Arctic ice is making sudden cold snaps more likely—not less… 78 more words


Easter on 420? Coincidence? I Think not.

Easter has finally arrived on the appropriate day: 4/20. This is fitting in that you’d have to be smoking some powerful shit to believe that someone dead since Friday came back to life on Sunday. 68 more words


Quantico ~ West Point ~ Viagra ~ Patriotism ~


(From ‘Games ppl play’ by Dr Eric Byrne)


(Tom Cruise in ‘Jerry Maguire’) 3,350 more words


A true prophecy without the Zionist-spin ~

True prophecy is 99.98% honesty and intelligence + .02% vision ~

Every govt in the world is being backed into a corner by Zionists either using hard core greed or hard core political blackmail over past… 283 more words


USA March 1910 versus March 2014 (according to the NOAA)

March 1910 (Before Global Warming) 7.94°F Above the 1901-2000 Average

Some of those divisions are 16F above normal.

March 2014 (After Global Warming)  -0.99°F Below the 1901-2000 Average… 44 more words


Simple lessons on advanced global-economics...

Lessons on advanced global-economics and real-world fiat-currency fiscal-fundamentals in the global capitalist ‘New World Order’ of which America has now become the vanguard of, whether they like it or not ~ The reality they work under changes with the weather, yet currently it’s… 579 more words