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Black Captain America: Hero for Hire/Nigger for Sale

When Marvel comics announced that they’ll be releasing their black Captain America last week I sat back and took a deep breath. The afterthought was, “Now that is some bull shit.” Considering the situation that men of Afrikan descent consistently find themselves in, in America, I hope that I do not stand alone reacting this way. 498 more words


CD version -- "Abductee Blues"

by Zeke Teflon, author of Free Radicals: A Novel of Utopia and Dystopia

About 15 years ago, I was sitting around one night watching The Hitler Channel.   133 more words


Oakes-Lottridge spouts pro-fluoridation drivel to Lee County commissioners

Don’t take fluoride out of the water
By Andy Oakes-Lottridge, MD, FAAFP

Dear commissioners of Lee County,

This medical doctor, Andy Oakes-Lottridge, insults your intelligence when he… 708 more words


Dissecting a Parrot: Ken's Great Infant Gamble

Ken is at it again. This time, he wants you to believe that human breast milk is fluoride-deficient [1].

As with all Parrots, mindless repetition is a given. 46 more words


We will not play with your toys!

Inspired by the Hitch.

To all pro-fluoridationists:

We are perfectly happy for you to have your toys.

Play with them as you will, at home, as prescribed by your doctor or dentist. 134 more words


A Cross Awaited

With tears, with hurt in my soul, except I have relief, I have ears that hear and arms that hold me on my darkest night ..in Jesus! 201 more words