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Will power

Tonight was the first time i stood up and said “no” to eating too late. My mother wanted to eat a sandwich at 10 this evening. 322 more words

My Cynical Heart - Part 1

In years past, I’ve wondered what’s wrong with the church. What is wrong with Christians. Why did our worship seem flat? Why did the church’s passion for Christ feel dim? 880 more words


I’ve developed a stutter
At times I can’t quite find a way
To make any first letter connect with another
I wonder was it you? 29 more words


Unexpected Detour

Well, I noticed something while I was composing my first letter. I started to feel small, almost embarrassed by what I was writing. Yes, these things impacted me and meant a lot when I was a boy yet I have the feeling now that I should be over it. 70 more words


7-16-14 Girls Girls Girls & Hot Teachers The Morning Playhouse with Jane and Steve


Which is your favorite? Brunettes? Blondes? Redheads? Girls with Shaved heads? Steve likes em all equally…. Find out what Jane knows- The 6 States of California? 82 more words

The Skaldic Insult Poem (For Lord Wilhelm Salzburger)

Wil would be a woman
Were lords not so sword-bound.
So spear-shy he does seem;
Shield-maidens have slain more.
Dorian, poor damsel
Does dote on the poor fool, 74 more words