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For The Birds ...and the Bees and the Dogs in the Leaves

Sometimes a bit of nature and contemplation can put the world in perspective.

When Doves Cry

Mockingbirds worry


Rosie waits.

For the high wire act.

Texas backyard birding and Rosie.


House Finch and Mocking Bird

A Male House Finch and Mockingbird taken a few weeks ago. The Finch and Mockingbirds are thriving as I have seen their numbers increase this past year.


Mockingbird Morning

Insistent bird songs

Answers in the distance,

Mockingbird serenade.

Perched in the cedars

Protecting territory.

Dive bombing,

Chasing away.

Who taught them to sing

So many tunes?

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Random Shots

Northern Mockingbird, saying his morning prayers, my yard today.

Male Anna’s Hummingbird, my yard.

Fiery Skipper, after the heavy rains last weekend, my yard, and some more after the water evaporated. 74 more words