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Respite from the Madness

I found this “secret” place the other day, which I think will remain untouched by the influx of the “millions” of visitors expected in Phoenix over the next week or so: first for the Pro Bowl, followed by the Phoenix Open, and culminating with the Super Bowl. 174 more words


When a Mockingbird Calls

I think you must answer…

When walking by our big window, I noticed the cat notice some back-yard birds. She rushed to the window sill and crouches for the attack. 191 more words


My January Yard

We seriously have about 8 Anna’s Hummingbirds zipping through our yard at any one time…dive-bombing, zooming right up in our faces, feeding, having territorial disputes, courting, whatever… 192 more words


Northern Mockingbird

A while ago Mimic had suggested we get out there, brave the cold and chase some birds. I was beginning to agree with him. Of course we’d have to bundle up in layers, take an umbrella with us and eat breakfast before we go. 268 more words


New Year 2015

May the fruits of your labor blossom in the New Year!

Christmas joy reflected in  Google’s eyes. All the cats had a fun Christmas. Even Ivory… 82 more words


Merry Christmas 2014!

“If I wait right here on the roof, Santa will get to me first!”

From all the festive animals I’ve seen lately…

As well as Nature’s sparkling ornaments…


My Home Park

The European Starlings were decorating their cactus the other day at Granada Park, which I am now considering my “home park.” It’s the closest city park with a lake (2 of them) to our house and it also has trails leading out into the desert foothills of… 174 more words