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Florida’s State bird, the Northern Mockingbird.


Florida is for the birds?

A murder of crows takes on a new meaning

What the Flock?

Some of the charming aspects of living in the beautiful tropics – the exquisite, lush jungle-like vegetation, the proliferation of palm trees, white sandy beaches, turquoise waters… and, then the whole aspect of the birds.  181 more words

The Extraordinary Poetry of Mary Oliver

“Now of all the voyagers I remember, who among them
Did not board ship with grief among their maps?”
~ lines from “No Voyage” by Mary Oliver… 38 more words

The Daily Poems

Brown Thrasher

The largest of the mimics, the brown thrasher is a rich reddish-brown above and white below. The breast is heavily streaked with dark stripes and there are two white wing bars. 35 more words


The Camouflaged Observer

She secretly watches…

Mockingbirds with ruffled feathers…

Who are sometimes camouflaged, too…

Grackles with raucous voices…

Industrious starlings preparing for their futures…

She’s usually a good girl…who just studiously observes. 9 more words


RV Freezing Weather Tips

3/26/14 Wednesday Arley, AL (Hidden Cove-TT/MA)

The temperatures got down in the 20′s last night, so we prepared: When we were through using our water for the evening, having about ½ the fresh water tank filled, John turned off our city water at the pedestal and left our “Y” connector there open so no water would be in our hose from the pedestal to our RV. 516 more words


Northern Mockingbirds

This pair of Mockingbirds is feeding off of “Meal Worm Delight”, a suet dough cake. They have a system where one will get on the cake above, while the other stays on the ground and gets the pieces as that fall to the ground. 27 more words

Florida Birds