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Bird's Territorial Conflicts

I am still enjoying the Rose-breasted Grosbeaks presence. One thing I have noticed the past two days is that the Mockingbird does not like the males to eat at the feeders. 77 more words

Florida Birds

This Just In (News Flash)

The first mulberries have begun to ripen. mmm Excuse me while I go glare at the mockingbirds trying to eat them all.

Austin & Texas

The Bluebirds have flown the coop!

Yesterday afternoon I was watching the bluebird nesting box and out comes a baby bluebird. I walked out to see if anymore would appear and one more stuck his head out. 107 more words

Florida Birds


Florida’s State bird, the Northern Mockingbird.


Florida is for the birds?

A murder of crows takes on a new meaning

What the Flock?

Some of the charming aspects of living in the beautiful tropics – the exquisite, lush jungle-like vegetation, the proliferation of palm trees, white sandy beaches, turquoise waters… and, then the whole aspect of the birds.  181 more words

The Extraordinary Poetry of Mary Oliver

“Now of all the voyagers I remember, who among them
Did not board ship with grief among their maps?”
~ lines from “No Voyage” by Mary Oliver… 38 more words

The Daily Poems

Brown Thrasher

The largest of the mimics, the brown thrasher is a rich reddish-brown above and white below. The breast is heavily streaked with dark stripes and there are two white wing bars. 35 more words