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Scala Test-Driven Development (TDD): Unit Testing File Operations with Specs2 and Mockito

In this article we’ll go through the exercise of writing a method that will write string content to the specified file. There will be an option to specify whether we should overwrite an existing file. 1,179 more words


Book review: Sujoy Acharya - Mastering unit testing using Mockito and JUnit

Some weeks ago, I was contacted by Packt Publishing to write a review about the book above. Without any further introduction, let’s just jump in and see the pros and cons of this book. 795 more words


parkrunPB - Unit Testing with Mockito

The final part of the spring jigsaw is unit testing. Actually this should be the first part, but I felt it was important to see the end result before focusing on how to test the application. 353 more words


Creating an object stream from a JDBC ResultSet

The introduction of  features Stream API and Lambda in Java 8 enables us to make an elegant conversion from a JDBC ResultSet to a stream of objects just providing a mapping function. 1,141 more words


parkrunPB - Spring MVC/Hibernate Application

I wrote this app to demonstrate some of the features of a number of technologies, and primarily Spring MVC.

The main technologies I’ll be demonstrating are - 164 more words