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Ask Fedora UX Redesign Updates #2

So taking into consideration most of the suggestions I had obtained during the recent Design FAD at Red Hat, the initial slides of desktop version are also ready. 177 more words



Hello, Hi, Happy new year & everything nice :) How were your holidays?

So first things first, it’s a new year. Andddd I normally think the #NewYearNewMe gang is extremely corny, but this year I have so much planned that I feel like a brand new me. 424 more words

A Year of 3D Printing

First of all, welcome to my short-form blog. In my future posts I’ll be discussing my thoughts on new designs, boating industry trends, my design process/philosophy, and my day-to-day experiences. 402 more words

3D Printing

Bootstrap 3: Advanced Web Development

The next stage of development in Bootstrap 3: Advanced Web Development is Planning and Setting Up, This section covers Planning your site with mind maps, Prototyping your site using mockups, Getting and setting up a Heroku app, Working with local web server, Downloading components and organizing files, Processing LESS files with CodeKit, Combining and minifying JavaScript files, PC Bootstrap setup, Creating a baseline template branch with Git and Adding our assets.


Software Box Mockups (Web357.eu)

Projects / Graphics Design. Product Packaging
Software boxes for Cyprus based web development company “Web357”. Box design & 3d mockups.
Κουτιά λογισμικού (software boxes) για την εταιρεία web development “Web357”. 33 more words


Responsive Design Fundamentals- Responsive Design Strategies

The next stage about gaining knowledge on responsive design is responsive design strategies. This area covers Designing for the appropriate content,  Planning a responsive design, Building responsive mockups, Developing a content strategy for responsive sites, Understanding the mobile capabilities, Creating flexible HTML and Testing responsive designs.