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Trinity article series: Part 3

True Declination ministries has released their latest issue of the Semper Reformanda online journal featuring the third part of my series on the Trinity. This article deals with the distinct person and deity of the Holy Spirt. 11 more words


Christology and Salvation

Christ, Our Father

Christology and salvation are two different things. Christology is the study of the person Jesus Christ. Christians study Christology as a relational exercise because they want to know more about their Lord, and (hopefully) not as an intellectual exercise. 651 more words


Monarchianism, Sabellianism, and Patripassianism Explained

There seems to be a lot of confusion about Monarchianism. I can understand because there are so many theological labels out there. Here is my effort to help others understand Monarchianism and related topics. 377 more words


The First Objectors to Monarchians Were Not Trinitarians

Students are constantly told by scholars that the Orthodox Trinitarians rejected Monarchianism when it arose. However, that claim is ambiguous. It’s similar to the case when a co-worker stands up in a meeting and tells the boss that the workers are unsatisfied with the leadership, and you know well that it’s actually just that individual worker that is unsatisfied, but the worker is simply using the power that comes with the majority for his own interest.  1,227 more words


Trinitarianism, Monophysitism, and Patripassianism

Monophysites believe the divinity and humanity of Jesus fused together so much that Jesus only had one, hybrid nature, human-divine. Monophysites do not believe in a distinction between the humanity and divinity of Jesus. 614 more words


Monarchianism in Rome

The Church in Rome is an important church in Church History. We know that its earliest teachings were apostolic thanks to a letter by the Apostle Paul known as “Romans” in the New Testament. 939 more words