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Le root sur Android Lollipop sera plus compliqué ?

Il y a quelques jours, Chainfire publiait une nouvelle version de son outil de root, SuperSU, spécialement conçue pour le root d’Android 5.0 Lollipop. Aujourd’hui que cette nouvelle mouture est officielle, voilà que ce dernier nous apporte ses premières impressions sur les procédures à travers un long post sur ​​Google +. 334 more words


Component Based Animations

While I have studied a bit of game development in my free time there are many facets that I have never touched. This, united with the fact that I am not a professional developer (even if I have worked for a bit in R&D at a big company, something that at times still happens), means that I often have to learn by improvisation. 447 more words


A Brave New World

Blog post number one, about project number one, in an entirely new field for me as a person and professional.

… it feels tingly.

But, on to the serious stuff! 211 more words


Envious Mods

What We Do
If you have an idea, we can make it a reality. Envious Mod’s was created to bring the advantages of 3D printing into the custom modded PC market. 155 more words

Modding a gamecube

My youngest son has developed a Gamecube addiction. Ratatouille and Monster House being his games of choice.
However, the console has taken a lot of abuse due to the  84 more words

Why Unreal Tournament's modding system is better

I haven’t seen this discused foten,

My faovrite thing about how Unreal Tournament handles mods is how modular the system is. Users can freely mix and match mods to their own benefit, allowing them to create their own playstyles based on the mods they own. 934 more words

Video Games

New Media Project Proposal

For my New Media class, each of my peers and I are doing individual multimedia projects in which we are learning new technology and examining our own work through the theoretical frameworks we are learning in class (the ones I am writing about in this semester’s reading notes assignment). 2,112 more words

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