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Top 5 Weekly Skyrim Mods

It’s Thursday again! That means it’s time for another edition of my top 5 weekly Skyrim mods.

5. Seraphine Armor and Seraphine – An Ultra Hi – Res Retexture – by… 578 more words


Skyrim - Pure Weather And Vibrant ENB Comparison Screenshots

I just installed the Vibrant ENB off of the Nexus a few hours ago. I decided to go ahead and show you guys what my Skyrim game looks like both with and without the ENB so you can judge for yourself whether or not this is a mod for you. 182 more words


Skyrim - Pure Weather Pictures

I’m using quite a few mods in my latest playthrough of Skyrim. Many of the mods can be found in my top 5 weekly Skyrim mod articles. 137 more words


"Playbor" in Video Games

Off the Network paints a rather alarming picture of the exploitative flaws inherent in our current digital networks. Author Mejias’ discussion of “playbor” struck me in particular, as I have contemplated the concept in the past. 456 more words

Media Industries

Be a chameleon!

Ok ever wish that you could change the color of your chair to suit? Maybe you are in a wedding and want your chair to match your dress or tux. 236 more words


Skyrim Mod - The Real Warmaiden

The real Warmaiden changes the way the Warmaiden looks in Whiterun. You no longer have free access to roam around his weapon shop. There is a area for you, the customer, and a area for the shop keepers. 109 more words


Drakulus Invades Shadowrun Returns!

You guys know how much I love modding my games and since I’ve learned how to mod Shadowrun I’ve been experimenting with a few things. At the moment I’m working on a brand new story mod for Shadowrun and I’m currently adding characters to the game for that mod. 165 more words