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Adaptability: Leatherman Rebar Scissor Mod.

I love the Leatherman SuperTool 300. I really, really do. There have been some huge projects that I’ve tackled with that alone. And it’s always come up sufficiently getting the job done. 268 more words

Skyrim 2.0: Adventures of a Gamer & Her Mods

I love Skyrim. It’s possibly my favorite game of all time; it’s definitely the one I’ve clocked the most hours in. I’m also pretty sure the number of hours Steam has listed is not even remotely close to the number of hours I’ve actually sunk into this game. 980 more words


Adding Enemies

After the rewrite of the graphic module I have added several new features to the game engine:

  1. Dynamic loading of particles from file
  2. Addition of enemies, with a very simple AI…
  3. 118 more words

SACRED 2 MOD: Permanent Hair Color Tutorial for the SERAPHIM

PERMANENT Hair Color Tutorial For The Seraphim


I haven’t seen a guide for this so why not be the first? ^_~

I think everyone already knows how to change their female character’s hair color using the console. 324 more words


An Ode to Someone Who Doesn't Exist

You wanted–
Rather, your creator wanted you–
To be related to a predator.
Comparison in every kind of poetry
Was laid at my feet like an offering. 333 more words


Three Skyrim Immersion Mods: Hurricanes, Hyperthermia, and Hypoglycemia

Some people download mods to get a kick out of things like Thomas the Dragon Engine, the “Really Useful Dragon” that reigns terror over Skyrim with the face of a cold-blooded children’s icon. 1,723 more words

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Mods are the greatest step forward in gaming

When music was first introduced to electricity and led to amplification, it was the birth of a new era. When films got a tan and became coloured, it was the birth of a new era. 1,580 more words