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Modelling Landon - Part 21

Since I was behind on modelling, I wanted to start working on UVs as well but things simply weren’t at the stage where they could be called “ready” yet. 151 more words


Modelling Landon - Part 20

Working more on the back and sides of the head/hair. It’s going to be tricky to get the right amount of volume in here so that the character works in 3D space and resembles the drawing at least a little bit.


Modelling Landon - Part 19

The hand proportions have been altered. While I was trying to match the drawing they still ended up being way too big compared to the rest of the body. 239 more words


Modelling Landon - Part 18

Creating and positioning the belt buckle and decorative buckle on the glove.

Basic buckle construction

Adjusted the size of the buckle to better fit the strap. 42 more words


Modelling Landon - Part 17

Bootstraps are now secured more properly.

Reworking some of the face topology, starting with the mouth… (I received help with this part but due to unforseen circumstances I couldn’t access the file I worked on at the time, so I’m doing this part over again) 120 more words


Mantra of the Week

 I am facing life straight on.

I know my strengths.

I trust my intuition.

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