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Second pass

Having had time to cure the first colours, painting can continue

But first, some masking

and, with the light grey sprayed the interior panels are looking rather nice. 73 more words

Model Making

Getting hands dirty

At times we like to see what we design in real life

And more to come…

Model Making


A bit of work on the HAS1 as well before painting.

With the infill side panels the interior looks pretty awful.

Hopefully this application of duct tape will provide a good representation of soundproofing and hide the seams… 33 more words

Model Making

First pass

And now, painting starts on the HC3

but first, another missed piece of assembly, the hatch for the winch bay

As you can see, in place, and with the first coat of ghost grey, some olive drab on internal parts, and canvas green on the seats. 130 more words

Model Making

Tail end charlie

Some more assembly time on the HAS1

The tail boom is hinged, for stowage on aircraft carriers so first of all the main boom assembly… 59 more words

Model Making

Arena Render: Final stages

I needed to complete one rendered section of a set to show model making skills. These are the various stages through to the final piece. I decided to use a combination of techniques to render the model. 65 more words

Production Design

Not again!

The tail rotor for the HC3 is next

but, as you can see, its another casualty off the sprue. What is it with Me and rotors? 15 more words

Model Making