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And it's still going on

The cockpit/cabin bulkheads have been detailed

A little paint to highlight some of the moulded detail.

Assembled and fitted onto the floor.

Which pretty much completes the cockpit. 26 more words

Model Making

It's a biggie

a long post today, as work starts on the cockpit for the HC3

It all starts simply enough with the cockpit/cabin floor, but there are lots of parts to add. 122 more words

Model Making

short seated

far fewer seats in the HAS1

two seats for the pilots.

for which the seatbelts are supplied as decals.

half a dozen cabin seats

with the same decals… 10 more words

Model Making

seating arrangements

Almost ready to start pulling together the interior of the HC3, but first, the seats need sorted.

And what a lot of seats there are, 22 in the cabin alone. 156 more words

Model Making

And the rest

The HAS1 also has its share of internal decals

Firstly on the radar console

representations of the various screens and buttons

As well as in the cockpit… 23 more words

Model Making

Leftside, rightside

Now, after a relaxing break, the interior sidewalls

First the left (Port) side

A whole host of seat number, emergency exit signs, and marked stowage for everything. 87 more words

Model Making

Inside Out

Usually Decalling doesn’t start until very late in the process. However, such is the plethora of decals for the interior, that it becomes a major step. 127 more words

Model Making