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Black and white

Taking a brief break from the main build, the Tail rotor, with it’s complicated asymmetric striping needs sortedSprayed white, then the black lines drawn in with marker. 24 more words

Model Making

Green envy, Black mood

And the paint goes on!First of all a coat of the base green (Apologies for the poor picture qualityThen the model is masked off for the camouflage black (You’ll notice this is a wraparound colour scheme) 96 more words

Model Making


Now Masking can start prior to the main paintingFirst the canopy is masked to represent the framingbefore being glued in placeThen the deck for the engine masked to protect it’s colour… 15 more words

Model Making

"Garden Wire Armature"

I experimented with making an armature. It’s based on a video I saw on YouTube, the channel “Bacon S’mores” (I’ll put the link up soon). I recorded my attempts also, but here is a pic:


All changes

A couple of mods to the existing kit are warrantedFirstly the landing skid, a couple of reasons for this, first of all the design is slightly difference in the photo reference for the particular aircraft I am portraying, lacking the horizontal bracing struts, but also I am concerned that the plastic may be rather fragile. 50 more words

Model Making