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Over the top?

With the fuselage in reasonable shape on the HC3 attention turns to the engine bays atop the aircraft.

First the intake ducts need assembled

And the impellers added… 87 more words

Model Making

The Tiniest Architectural Model Ever Made (At Least By Me)

This has taken me all day. Scale model at 1:500 of Kerry Hill’s ‘Genesis’ building in Singapore. The bottle of nail polish is for scale… the final dimensions are 60mm high x 42mm wide x 44mm long. 48 more words


Nosing ahead

The nose of the HC3 is as complicated a build as the Lynx was.

Into this gaping hole goes first of all the inner bulkhead, also the front wall of the nose wheel bay. 43 more words

Model Making

The advantages of the 'Working' model & BIM...

A quick post showing the benefit of the ‘Working’ foamboard model:

To go from this:

In an hour to this:

With every drawing and 3D image produced using BIM software: 47 more words


farther out

The sponsons on the HAS1 have to be built up off the fuselage.

As you can see, the outer sections are from a different kit. The kit as bought was missing one of these. 37 more words

Model Making

Kitten Called Thunder

The paper clay kitten that dried out on our window ledge this week, has come to life! (And it’s madder thanĀ a march hare.)

The 52 Week illustration theme this week is TOY.

Out on a limb

With the fuselage halves together work can start on building up the peripheral assemblies

Starting on the HC3 with the sponsons, the lower part of which is moulded as part of the lower fuselage. 45 more words

Model Making