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Model View Controller

MVC pattern plays an influential role in most UI frameworks and in the thinking about UI design.

Splits user interface interaction into three distinct roles… 313 more words

Patterns Of Enterprise Application Architecture

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Why MVC (Model View Controller) is loosely coupled?

In order to answer this question, first let’s understand what’s the difference between loosely coupling and tightly coupling is. 231 more words

The Swift Swift Tutorial: Why Do We Need Delegates?

A reader in a comment recently asked a very good question: Why do we need delegates for UIViewControllers? He thought Swift made things easier, but this delegate stuff seems very complicated. 2,586 more words


Case Study : Cakephp , Adding functionality to existing website

Kevinsbanners is a classified website, where you can post free and paid ads. The site is currently in development and still far away from release. 771 more words

QuestPond: Interview Questions and Answers on learning ASP.NET MVC (Model View Controller)

What is Bundling and Minification in ASP.NET MVC?


In normal scenario let say for an instance,

  •  User makes a request to index action in customer controller.
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