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I’m currently working on a web project which uses model-view-controller (MVC), and being new to programming I’m trying to learn more about the topic. During my initial research I came across a great… 33 more words


Reflection with IDispatch-based COM objects


.NET’s Reflection API provides rich information about a managed type’s properties, methods, and events. However, it doesn’t work as well for unmanaged COM types.  The closest thing COM had to reflection was… 1,404 more words

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Implementing Adapter Pattern and Imitating Multiple Inheritance in C# using Roslyn based VS Extension Wrapper Generator


The first language I started programming was C++. Later I switched first to Java and later to C#. One and, perhaps the only, thing that I missed from C++ was multiple class inheritance. 3,686 more words

Guray Cemberci

Understanding ASP.NET MVC


This article is intended to provide basic concepts and fundamentals of ASP.NET MVC (Model View Controller) architecture workflow for beginners.

“M” “V” “C” stands for “MODEL” “VIEW” “CONTROLLER”. 618 more words

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Game Model Architecture

Today we will start to define classes needed to complete our game model. For this we will refer to a Data Flow Diagram I created. This diagram a template for all my games. 535 more words