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Beijing Part 3 - My Modelling Debut

This is the last part of my Beijing blog post series.

The idea of modelling has crossed my mind in the past, but I always had preconceived notions of what it actually entailed. 778 more words


Open Gardens and Scarecrows - in miniature!

THERE are more than ten Open Gardens currently being displayed at Hedon Museum, and a large number of Scarecrows too. But the town’s museum hasn’t suddenly become… 228 more words


Wellington Fashion Week 2014

We love Wellington, especially when the big events are on like the famous Sevens or magnificent World of Wearable Art. April is the time of the year when the fashion week is happening and people are looking forward to seeing the latest trends and beautiful collections that show in this unique capital of New Zealand.

Behind The Scenes

Bavaria: land of contradictions (1)


BaBearia is a county full of contwadictuns, and yet it somehow works out! In mids of all the technowogies, wike car’n’bike factowies of Audi &  BMW… 71 more words


Happy Easter Weekend!

Happy Easter everyone! And if you don’t really celebrate it, then I’m betting you still go and buy the eggs to nibble on *waggles her eyebrows, grinning* 397 more words

Art Project 'Old Magick'

The first stage of my new project has taken off in full swing. I’ve been focusing on getting back up to my current standard of drawing for a little while now (the past couple months have been a very slow process of making my hands draw what I see not what I know) and this week I have put it to the test and managed to get a few illustrations that make the cut (for now anyway!) 481 more words


Making Connections

My first project in Solidworks was to make two parts that connect to one another using tension in the material. I made this cute little object, it’s not really supposed to be anything because I was thinking more about form language and ergonomics than function. 29 more words