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Uni Modelling Snaps

This is just going to be a general chit-chatty sort of post as I’m back home for Christmas now for a few weeks! I got back on the 12th from down Southampton and I’m realising how much I miss being down there. 173 more words


Yes, this is what I get paid for: How to build a 40x40cm 3D MatLab Logo

Recently, someone at work finished their Ph.D. thesis and to celebrate, the faculty decided to decorate his graduation cap. Since everyone was busy though, my boss volunteered me to build it. 442 more words

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Part four of my anonymous conversations on sex, gender and beauty

- So if you could start by describing where we.

- We’re kind of sitting on the edge of bowl in this kind of mountainous valley kind of region. 2,323 more words


Productivity Update #13 - Spawn of Cryptus

Just a quick post today, I wanted to show off some WIP’s of the Spawn of Cryptus, which I painted using the same techniques as the Carnifex from my last post (sorry, the Bullgryns keep getting pushed back…) 97 more words


Summer '14 Photoshoot Wrap Up - Bookmas Day 18+19

So this isn’t my usual Bookmas post, but a few days ago a really good friend of mine, Sarah Moore, helped me out and did a photoshoot with me so I’d have some new promotional material for the re-launch of the Bella and Books YouTube channel, which is happening in late January. 175 more words


Ice Cubes

Ice-Cubes made with Blender. 118 more words


Curioser... (weird job-hunting part 2)

My job search has gotten a little bizarre of late. This week, having responded to a gumtree ad for a bit of a laugh, I found myself standing in front of a black wall trying to work out what the f*** to do with myself having been instructed to ‘show some poses’. 458 more words