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Just because....

I like this pic!

That skin, the hair, that smoke… FIERCE!

If someone knows the photographer or model please let me know! I’d love to give credit where credit is due!


Stem cells, branching processes and stochasticity in cancer

When you were born, you probably had 270 bones in your body. Unless you’ve experienced some very drastic traumas, and assuming that you are fully grown, then you probably have 206 bones now. 2,097 more words


Three We Used To Do (2014)

1. Jump rope.
2. Play marbles.
3. Put together models.
Real play power-
For hour upon hour.


Bird Adventures #2

                                    Here are some that did not make the cut…. We have to submit several photos each week and the teacher pulls what she does not feel fits the portfolio. 115 more words


Bird Adventures #1

I caught This guy eating his dinner and It took several shots but he is my #1 so far not taken out that made me change my entire portfolio to Birds-eating. 16 more words


Portfolio Class Bird Adventures

I am in my last Class, Portfolio Development, for my Photography Certificate at Eastern Florida State College. When we were first asked to pick a topic, I choose 3, #1 Domestic Violence- Which would have had to have been done in the studio-No props my teacher said. 533 more words


Model Shoot, Georgetown - the Film Edition, Black-and-White

I squeezed in a roll of Tri-X in my shooting with the models. I wish I had had the chance to shoot some frames of Trevor, the other model, in black and white, but such is life. 150 more words