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A Little Bit About Myself, My History, and My Outlook

Hello, my name is Jeff Jaramillo and I am a Millennial, a beginner in the “real world,” and a political thinker.  I graduated from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, located on the serene Central California Coast, in the Spring of 2013 with a B.A. 739 more words


Kineo Cliff Gnome Comments

Self Was Thinking and a response from the Kineo Cliff Gnomes


Hardly think “conservative” is a label one ought to embrace w/o a nod to the differences; contemporary(and political) “Conservatives” have eroded the meaning of the term.   144 more words

I've Got a Theory...

… that the number of bumper stickers on your car is directly proportionate to how right or left of center your political views are.  So, for example, if you’ve only got one bumper sticker, you’re probably pretty moderate.   115 more words

Pick Grapes Off the Bunch

Picking grapes off the bunch is a great way for the person with memory loss to help out in the kitchen. It allows the former cook of the family to still be involved, yet out from underfoot if you need to concentrate on what’s your doing. 125 more words


The Problem with Our Current "Christian" Discourse

There are some issues the Church must address in how we communicate the Gospel in an increasingly polarizing age. The following podcast starts with my heartfelt conviction that we must change the way we communicate if we are going to reach the lost with the Gospel. 24 more words


Angry Bird (s)

Yep we all know the game and I have spent many hours trying to improve my score on it and beat my kids at it. 324 more words

My Journey