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Christianity, if false, is of no importance, and if true, of infinite importance. The only thing it cannot be is moderately important. – C. S. Lewis

Moderates are Vanessa Baden

Shaina is a Blasian. Baden was the most important one.

Sweaty Palms

Puzzle #104 - Cat's Cradle

Do you like solving my crosswords? Well, have I’ve got a treat for you! Be sure to check out Matt Gaffney’s weekly puzzle today. You won’t be disappointed. 10 more words


The NFL a very Profitable Non-Profit

While it may be considered ‘piling on’ to kick the NFL while it’s down, citizens should realize that the NFL is a tax-exempt non-profit.  This isn’t true for the individual franchises, but it is for the League itself as it is listed as a trade organization. 80 more words


I Look To the Left, To Right the Wrong

I look to the left
And then to the right
I see the right become wrong
And then left break into song

From hallowed halls… 73 more words


Roberts Could Still Win in Kansas with Less than 50%

As unlikely as it appeared at the start of the cycle Kansas is playing host to both a competitive gubernatorial and Senatorial election.  Republican Governor Sam Brownback is facing blowback after cutting education (and revenues) while Pat Roberts is suffering from incumbent fatigue and a divisive primary. 716 more words