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You Don't Need To Detox!

Thinking by detoxing you are getting rid or toxins and flushing your system of impurities, to make it squeaky clean, is an illusion. The body naturally detoxifies itself, through the lungs, kidney, skin and liver. 266 more words

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Cabana Bay Resort

Today we’re going to head over to Universal Studios Orlando Resort and check out the brand new resort Cabana Bay Beach Resort.

A few nights at Universal Studios Orlando is a great add on to any Walt Disney World or cruise vacation and especially will appeal to families with slightly older children, tweens and teens. 75 more words


Commentary Eighty-three: A Respectful Perspective on the rightful Transgressions against Poverty

Author: Shawn Dexter John

The issue of poverty is highly complex, determinative in our social development as nations and individuals, and worth a topical essay of its own standard, one which supports the measure of government and also our social organizationalism, as no authority is ordained otherwise, in a lasting mode, outside of its social support of a corresponding & significant populace. 1,310 more words


Moderate by Blair Gaulton

Moderate never veers towards extremes in any aspect of life. Sees extremes as a reaction to unresolved issues within a society. Education, communication, respect for other people, employment, helping those in need are critical planks in ending extremism’s blight.
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Blair Gaulton

Truth Revealed: McCain’s ‘Moderate Rebels’ in Syria ARE ISIS

From 21st Century Wire, by Patrick Henningsen

Poor John McCain and Lindsey Graham, Washington’s original first couple. They only want to arm the ‘moderate opposition’ 424 more words

Propaganda, Fraud, And Outright Lies

Was There Recently A Moderate Republican Backlash?

CNN discusses the ongoing GOP debate about abortion and how it could hurt them in 2016.


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It's Good to Have Firsts, But...

Well, I’ll be damned.

Somehow, someway, my fingers found a way to keep pressing. Anyone who ever read a book that touched them thinks that hope equals “Everyone has a good novel in them” 393 more words