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Are You, Are You Coming to the Tree: Mob Mentality, Feminism, and The Hunger Games

Electricity. That’s what mob mentality is. Hundreds of minds thinking as one. Acting as one.

And often, creating destruction as one.

In light of the movie release of… 834 more words


Differences Between Conservative & Moderate Baptists

Earlier today in my Baptist History course, the professor provided a chart that compared and contrasted the fundamental theological, moral, political, and denominational differences between Conservative and Moderates in the Southern Baptist Convention. 635 more words


Arcana in Balance: Temperance, part 2

“If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough” – Albert Einstein.

Which explains last week’s rambling post.

Taoism (the secular, philosophical kind, not the folk religion) is my “one thing” that makes sense out of life. 554 more words


Let's Talk Turkey

As with anything in cooking there are many ways to cook a turkey. It is only limited by your imagination. Beer can, the Louisiana Turducken, deep fried, you name it and someone has attempted it, some with better results then others. 1,165 more words


Trip Report - Mt. Seymour 12 Nov 2014

To celebrate the end of a month with 320 mm of rain, nine people and one dog made the trek to the top of Mt. Seymour in crisp sunshine and cold temperatures. 102 more words

Quadra Island

Tendencies of Leaders in Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

“Does progress toward settlement of final status issues between Israelis and Palestinians depend on the ascendency of more moderate political leaders among both peoples?”

It seems to me that in settlement talks between the Israelis and the Palestinians are heavily reliant on perceived necessity by the respective peoples. 313 more words