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By Hoyt Smith

I sound way too much like a nagging dad lately. You know, lecturing when I should converse. I catch myself coming off way too serious, using words like “should,” terms like “young lady,” and seeing danger wherever my daughters see fun. 2,048 more words


Yes, I did!

Yes, I did just carry a bag of clementines into the donut shop. I had coffee, a donut and two clementines. No sideways glances from anyone. 18 more words

Weight Watchers


Well of course this topic had to come up.. its Easter weekend after all.

I ♥ Dark chocolate  & its  something I can’t give up. I have a much healthier diet these days  & chose not to eat many things, I try to avoid food with added sugar well except when it comes to chocolate. 283 more words

April 2014


I’ve been telling a few friends over recent days that I’m going to stop drinking for a year. A few have commented along the lines of “Oh yes but a couple of glasses here and there won’t hurt. 607 more words

In Moderation

Remember the story of Goldilocks, the little girl who, somehow lost in a forest, happens upon the home of three fastidious bears and makes herself at home? 747 more words


B is for ... Balance

If you were to ask a Chinese Therapist, or a dance instructor, or perhaps even a boss of a successful organisation … they might all give a piece of very similar piece of advice: 431 more words