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reflecting on 150 days


I’ve been reflecting a bit today – it marks 150 days of abstinence for me. Truth be told I’m having more problems with my husband and business than ever.   192 more words

Live in Gray

“What I still hadn’t realized, and it took me until this past winter to truly understand, was that I needed balance. I wasn’t the type of person that could be happy with either extreme; I am not carefree, spontaneous, or crazy. 642 more words


UPCOMING WORKSHOP! Practical Strategies in Overcoming Emotional/Stress Eating!

Do you find yourself eating when you’re not physically hungry? Do you eat out of stress, boredom, anxiety, excitement or any other emotions? Or do you sometimes find yourself eating past the point of comfort and wondered how you got there?  266 more words

Rejuvenate Yourself

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I know many who could use some help in this department! This 1.5 hour workshop could help you start to sort out and redirect emotional eating patterns.

Weigh Day Wednesday 20/8/14

It’s Weigh Day Again Slimmers!

I had a good week for food apart from one day on Sunday when we ordered a Chinese takeaway. To be fair, Lee’s daughter has been up for a few days so it was a one-off treat. 461 more words

My Progress

this post is not about vaccines

It wasn’t a completely conscious decision to become a non-vaxing family.

Back when I was an antisocial, unemployed mother, I frequented message boards at sites such as mothering.com and local Yahoo! 1,754 more words


You Have To Be Crazy: Summer Writing

I thought I was going to get so much writing done this summer. I did manage to crank out a sixy-two page thesis that convinced my advising professor that I could have a future as a literary critic and send off a lot of (admittedly, rejected) query letters. 333 more words

Recipe: Banana Crunch Coffee Cake (with Protein Powder!)

Recipe: Banana Crunch Coffee Cake

All that chat about protein in my last blog post, I thought I would whip something up in the kitchen that offers an alternative use for protein powders, aside from the traditional ‘ 346 more words