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Moderation + When Life Gives You Lemons

Just like there is a constant battle between “good” and “evil”, I believe there is a constant battle between wanting to stay thin/fit and wanting to eat everything all the time. 311 more words



“The mutability of life, that time passes on no matter what happens” – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Impermanence

The king of Phantasia has all luxuries and wealth in this world. 270 more words

Perhaps I Qualify on Both Counts

“Saints have no moderation, nor do poets, just exuberance.”

Anne Sexton


Good Lord!!  Could it be?

Am I indeed a poet, a saint?

God knows I have been called “exuberant” many times… 54 more words


Love the skin you're in

In today’s world, where it is easier than ever to keep up with the hottest stars (instagram, twitter. . . need I go on?), I believe comparison is a huge stumbling block that plays a role in hindering a lot of our fitness progress. 955 more words

"Soft is Stronger than Hard"

Part of my job responsibilities as a product manager for a Technology company involved making periodic trips to different regions of the world to visit with electronics manufacturers who were using our test equipment in their factories. 836 more words


Secret Success Sauce

The secret to success,

Consistent single minded focus on an individual goal.

“Every thing in moderation”… The battle cry of the almost had it crowd. The could have, should have, or would have if people.   710 more words


Good Food / Bad Food

New York Magazine recently featured a piece on orthorexia nervosa, the unhealthy obsession with eating only healthy or “correct” foods. The term isn’t officially recognized by the American Psychiatric Association, and… 280 more words