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Taking care – a reminder for when things get difficult


This is a post to my future self – my future self who will emerge, as previous selves have done at certain times throughout the year: when the marking load gets intense, so that I am marking all day every day for as far as the eye can see; when winter has been around for a few months and everything is a bit too much of an effort; when I have scheduled too many things into my diary because I ‘should’ rather than because I want to… 268 more words

Moderation is Bullshit

I’m going to come right out and say it: I don’t believe in moderation and I hate the concept.

Why? Why do I hate moderation so much? 664 more words

Project #34/54: Moderation (Directive: Opposite of indulgence)

I looked up “indulgence” on Thesaurus.com to get some words that are opposite of “indulgence”. One that struck my imagination was “moderation”. I started thinking of eating just a tiny bit of Häagen-Dazs, and how strange that would look to someone. 131 more words

Chicken Wrap: Lunch for 5P+

Previously, I’ve confessed my fondness for wraps.  They are quick, versatile and (with the type I buy) low in Points Plus.  I’ll throw almost anything into my wraps. 85 more words

Weight Watchers

carrot cupcakes with caramelized ginger

I’ve noticed lately that when I bring desserts to events very few people are brave enough to try them. Guests dance around the table, glancing at the treat and then away, maybe even bending down to smell it, then starting a conversation with anybody nearby about how they shouldn’t have it for this or that reason, usually related to how beastly and bulging their perceive their bodies to be. 704 more words


DAY 110 – Food, pt 2

I barely scratched the surface yesterday, so I’m going to try again. First, let me say that I’m not discounting the idea of vegetarianism, and conversely, I am making no sweeping judgments about eating meat. 601 more words

Personal safety assessments and biological hazards

So, as a woman (without a black belt in some kind of martial art) , the prospect of meeting a stranger (who will likely be physically bigger than me) ultimately for sexual encounters, sets off my well honed risk assessment alarm. 674 more words