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Twilight of the Scribes

The BBC has a short piece on the vanishing of professional letter-writers in India (link). A generation ago, someone who wanted a letter written or a package addressed could hire someone to do that for them outside most post offices in big cities. 222 more words


Pretty Stars

Oooo! Pretty stars on a white background. Lora S. did a fabulous job choosing the fabrics for this happy and fresh quilt. To quilt it, I chose swirls of different sizes using white thread to match the background. 46 more words


Persian Encounters

On a recent trip, I stumbled over a bar with some Achaemenid sculpture in front. Most of the pillars at Persepolis were crowned with a pair of bull’s heads back-to-back; they supported one set of timbers on their heads, and cross-timbers in the space between their backs. 92 more words


A "Primitive" Battle in Afghanistan

The horrors of these domestic feuds are sometimes aggravated by a war with another Oolooss . Many causes occasion these wars, but the commonest are the seduction of a woman of one Oolooss by a man of another, or a man’s eloping with a girl of his own Oolooss, and seeking protection from another.

856 more words

The Indian Petí Cuirass

Sultan Tipu was a warrior king, and like a warrior king he died when his enemies stormed his palace. Those enemies seized his treasury and hauled it to London, and as London has not been sacked since, most of his treasure is still there. 1,026 more words


Retro....and yet not!

Martha A. created this lovely quilt. A really fabulous color palette, I must say.  The quilting pattern is (hopefully) an outside-the-box pattern my brain came up with. 16 more words


Moda's Comma Fabric,,,,

A great way to use the “Comma” collection by Moda. Way to go Gerry B! This is a really fun quilt. And of course the quilting had to be “different” so I put a little motif in the quilt along with the straight line stitching.

Happy quilting!