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A Gift to the Chairman

This urn was in a gallery full of gifts that Mao received from various countries. Talk about currying favor.


My first Modern love

I’ve been of the firm belief that Modern, as a format, is shit. A format where it’s perfectly alright to cast a 3/3 for G on turn one, but not a Counterspell for just straight up UU, or draw three cards on turn 4, is inherently sick in my book, and I’ve come to dislike the UWR Control decks because of their reliance on the shitty gimp-duals and off-colour fetchlands. 960 more words

Tournament Reports

Reality Boy by A.S. King

Reality Boy was a gift from my brother last Christmas, but I only just got round to reading it. Published in 2013, it’s a modern book set in today’s era portraying how a former reality show child ‘star’ grows into an angry teenage boy. 247 more words

21st Century

Modern Circle Quilt

This quilt made by Gerry B. is a study in modern circles. She created these wonderful scrappy circles and them appliqued them onto the black fabric. 58 more words


Travel Theme: Edge

This week Ailsa of Where’s My Backpack? asks bloggers to post photos inspired by “Edge.” This piece of artwork (huh? you call that art?) is all edge in my estimation. 101 more words


Manhattan Nest

One of my most favorite-est design blogs that I sometimes forget about is Manhattan Nest. Seriously this guy is good and Daniel Kanter’s posts are hilarious. 91 more words


Vending Machine

Thirsty? There’s plenty to choose from.