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Nude on edge of bed #2; 7″ x 5″; drawing using charcoal, and chalk pencil on cardboard

Symbiosis Gallery

What makes a successful work of ART?

What makes a successful work of ART?

Ok so if you are hoping for some answers to this question “What makes a successful work of ART? 203 more words

trip to the Boston ICA with friends

Our friends from Philadelphia were visiting my husband and I last week. We had dinner at Menton in the Seaport (OMG!) and then decided to work off dinner with a late night walk to the ICA. 13 more words


One of my favorite museums. Love love this place.

Picasso's "Owl" is Just...Perfect.

Hey Lobster-folk,

Picasso is known for his doodles and sketches (I guess we can’t be having ‘blue periods’ ALL the time) but my favorite by far is this one, simply titled “Owl.” 66 more words


Some new work heading to¬†Symbiosis Gallery soon…some unframed original drawings on paper.


This painting drove me crazy. I spent a few months on it, wondering what was “off.” I took a trip to a home improvement store for an unrelated reason and I found some tape that looks like netting, and I figured I would try including it in the center to break it up a little. 22 more words