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Stunning Actress Marissa Wynne- Looks and talent!

Philosophers have said that after the darkest phase of night comes the dawn and this philosopher’s platitude stands tall for Marissa Wynne. This star has dealt with a lot of difficulties and has shrugged off many disappointments to reach her level of success. 329 more words

Rising Stars

Caution: Extended Families May Prevent Babies

In my class the other day, we were discussing possible reasons for the recent drop in birth rate.  All the suggestions offered were pretty basic: shift in gender roles, more career focused individuals, dogs are kinda the same as babies but easier, added pressure of insuring your child’s success, and of course the increasing financial burden of child rearing.  666 more words

What To Watch This Week

So many good things on television this week!  If your DVR is quickly filling up or you only have a little bit of time to sit down and watch something because you’re writing papers or studying for finals…I’ve got you covered!  579 more words


Modern Family episode pitch - "Ring for service"*

*terribleminds:chuck wendig is running a Flash Fiction Challenge called “Pick an Opening Line and Go”. There were hundreds of opening lines to choose from and for some reason this one just tickled my naughty funnybone. 990 more words

Flash Fiction

Message to myself at sixteen

“College application season can be an anxious time for you, your family and just about everyone who cares about you.”

College Board AP website

I really enjoy watching the ABC comedy Modern Family. 1,492 more words

Title (Optional)

My application for a comedy web series competition is progressing. But I can’t seem to figure out an amazing title. The show centres on me as the protagonist within my family unit. 112 more words