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Work in progress

For years now I have been a little uptight and unable to relax, most of this stems from things relating to my marriage.
For various reasons I got so good at telling myself what to feel and how to feel it as a means of protecting myself that when I wanted to just be ‘in the moment’, I couldn’t figure out how to do that… 1,421 more words

Wine Wednesday

Lucky for me I have Modern Family, $6 Pinot and a really good looking dog.

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I'm Goin' With It

Yesterday saw such a tropical wind-driven rain around here that people’s hairdos were all over the place.

My own hair, curly by nature anyway, was practically in the next county – EVEN THOUGH I had duly blown it dry and flat-ironed the daylights out of it, as is my custom. 210 more words


"Yes people are allowed their private thoughts and I shouldn't be so angry, but I'm latin so I get to feel whatever i want." - Gloria Delgado-Pritchett

Running along with this common theme of whinging about things outside of my control, I’ve found that I have a stark love/hate relationship in my life that is starting to take over my very existence. 490 more words

Once Upon A Time...

I guess I should start at the beginning.

Two awkward teenagers fell in love, as teenagers are known to do.  Girl broke Boys’ heart and Girl went on to live her life (including college, moving across the country, getting married, getting divorced, pursuing a career and then finding her way back to the area that boy and girl grew up in). 322 more words

Phil Dunphy Funniest Moments

If you watch Modern Family you will appreciate this video. If you don’t watch Modern Family, you should start!

M is for Merchant, Mighty, Miranda, and Modern (of the Stephen, Boosh, Hart and Family varieties, respectively)

Welcome to Comedy Monday! I know, it’s Tuesday with a T, and not Monday with an M – April screwed me over and did not change its days around as per our agreement *throws April a dirty look*. 731 more words

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