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The Power of the Hashtag

As we all know, the hashtag is a generally new tool. New enough still that there are programs that are still upgrading their dictionaries to include it as an official word. 624 more words

Technology/Social Media

Was Churchill a Valley Girl?

OMG seems to be older than we think. Here’s a letter to Winston Churchill which uses it, perhaps for the first time.


American History

Modern Language Class as a Light Bulb

I compare the modern language classroom to a  light bulb.  The light bulb burns brightly when the teacher speaks in the  modern language.  The bulb dims each time the teacher uses English. 208 more words

Foreign Language

Unrealistic Expectation for Students' Grammatical Perfection in Modern Language

In addition to teaching college Spanish, I also teach a college English course, Writing Essays Through Literature.  My literature is all Hispanic-translated literature. My English students are native USA citizens.   352 more words

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