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One Hundred Words of Solitude

In a crush of people but forever alone. This city might be the loneliest place ever known. Anonymous faces day after day. You can’t help to wonder was it always this way. 74 more words



When I was young, like may be seven or eight, is when I first figured out that everything dies, everything falls apart, life moves from order to disorder in a never ending outward spiral. 907 more words

Asperger's Syndrome

Outside Disease

We modern humans are strange animal-like creatures with two opposing worlds forced to exist as one.

As a kid and now as an adult, my sister and I “suffer” from what we call the ‘Outside Disease’. 848 more words

One of those days

Ever have one of those days?

I was literally up to my elbows in blood. It was all over my shirt. My hands were covered. Everything that could go wrong was. 533 more words


Artex Ceiling

Artex ceilings; who invented them and why did they think we needed such texture above us?

When did we stop aspiring? When did we stop creating ceilings like the Sistene Chapel or Ruben’s Banqueting Hall in favour of a plaster swirl or jagged splatterings?  117 more words

Your hair (years ago)

was so red
I rarely touched it
for fear of getting burned
so we ended

nowadays we like
each other’s photographs
on Instagram


A Frantic Blur

A frantic blur,

The speed of life,

My mind a slur,

Full of stress and strife.


Like a fast moving train,

While staring straight, 109 more words