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Security Breach

I’m Back! Missed me? Be honest you probably hadn’t noticed the lack of new posts, and If you have you probably assumed it was because I was being a useless idle sod. 512 more words

Being A Mom

This article may be controversial to some, but I find that I don’t care. Fair warning.

I don’t generally get “offended” by things. I think people who spend their lives being “offended” are self-aggrandizing babies who have nothing better to do than whine; but I just read an article on line that was so mean to a large percentage of the population without whom none of us would exist that I feel the need to address it. 1,072 more words

Modern Life

I Hope It's Not Too Late

I hope it’s not too late

to be better

to aim higher

to work up a sweat

and quench a thirst.


I hope there’s another chance… 42 more words

In the modern world..

Saturday 1 PM:

I enter the big, nicely lit phone store.

I am here because I accidentally laundry-washed my phone. A day without a phone really is a bliss. 813 more words


Women Who Eat on Trains

Whilst tucking into salmon onigiri, plump triangular package of nori wrapped sushi rice and salmon deliciousness bought from Waterloo Station on way home last night, read Evening Standard news story of protest on Circle line by ladies objecting to the ‘Women Who Eat on Trains’ Facebook page put up by persons unknown who have been photographing ladies stuffing their faces on London tube trains as attempt to shame them in public. 328 more words


5 Clues Your Text Conversation is Over

What a weird topic, right?  But I needed to nudge myself to get writing again.  I wanted some topic (any topic) to jumpstart my mind to becoming more creative again.   204 more words


4/15/14: Haiku App

“Write it,” I cry—

what is the computed form

of drumming fingers?