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Cranking the handle

I enjoy reading posts on physics forums. As guilty pleasures go it’s a little tame, not to mention somewhat geeky. What does surprise me, though, is the number of people who claim to have worked out some alternative theory of physics in which all the problems that vex the world’s greatest physicists today have been solved. 889 more words

Physics II - The necessary math online

In this post I started out presenting possibilities of learning physics online with the only prerequisite being to understand english. Now physics is notoriously formulated in mathematical language. 1,120 more words

Natural Sciences

Modern biblical creationist thinking

As six-day creationists, can we know what God did when he created this vast universe? If we agree that God created the universe, and it was created in a form that is essentially like we observe today—a mature creation—very large, tens of billions of light-years across—very old in appearance, in terms of processes we observe—then we have two possibilities within the creationist worldview:1… 1,757 more words


Quantum Physics for Practical Understanding (Part-VI)

Mass-energy equivalence

At the outset, it is important to understand that not all physical parameters are relativisatically variant. A number of parameters are invariant too. Charge is one of the examples. 408 more words


Quantum Physics for Practical Understanding (Part-V)

Nuclear structure, elementary particles and Higgs Boson

Nucleus is, in addition to electrons, a fundamental constituent of an atom. The existence of atom lies in the capacity of the nucleus to hold several electrons. 787 more words