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Suppose an electron is attracted towards the origin by a force k/r where ‘k’ is a constant and ‘r’ is the distance of the electron from the origin. 56 more words

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Interview with Lawrence Krauss

Theoretical Physicist Lawrence Krauss gives a great interview on significant discoveries in modern physics and also discusses some ideas from his book, A Universe From Nothing. 72 more words




This week marked the 100th anniversary of the start of the First World War. Today marks  the anniversary of an even more grotesque event – the dropping of the atom bomb on Hiroshima on 6 August 1945. 1,097 more words

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Why does matter curve space and time?

This is one of those questions that has always bugged me.

Suppose that, somewhere in the universe, there is a very large closed box made out of some kind of heavy, neutral matter. 1,506 more words


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Do electrons radiate all the time?

Seriously! The question in the title is not rhetorical. I cannot really answer the question. All I have is a bunch of ideas on electromagnetism. Anyone has any answers or simply wants to tell me, ‘your ideas are stupid’, please do, in the comments below. 384 more words

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Are there laws of physics?

Among all academic disciplines, the sciences have a reputation for being cutting-edge. A classical historian who demonstrates intimate familiarity with 18th & 19th century French, Italian, and German scholarship is considered impressive. 890 more words

Book 147: Einstein's Cosmos by Michio Kaku

Einstein’s Cosmos by Michio Kaku

Finished reading on July 21st, 2014

Rating: 9/10

Kaku’s “Einstein’s Cosmos” fits Albert Einstein’s life and work into less than 200 pages of highly readable story that gives insight into Special and General Relativity and also his try to find a Unified Field Theory without going into too much detail about the physics nor about Einstein’s private life… although you can read about Einstein not wearing socks. 102 more words

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