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Restavek: Is It Slavery?

A few months ago, I remember that I wrote a response to an article written about restavek. The author was writing about restavek as “slavery”, and some of those who commented said they did not agree with the words “slavery.” So one of them posed to me the following question: What do you think? 1,432 more words

Soundtrack to 'Michael' - dir. Jonathan Kemp

Hello all,

Here are five tracks which were written for ‘Michael’, a short film entered into the Unchosen Film Competition whose mission it is to combat modern-day slavery in the UK. 109 more words


Walk Free Ambassador Ta Thuy Minh: How I Got Involved in Fighting Modern Slavery

It is estimated that 29.8 million people are forced to live in slavery around the world today.



I have heard a lot of people say that humanitarian efforts are too fragmented and too sectarian to actually do any good in the world.  To a lot of people it seems that Christians will try to solve a problem in one way, while Muslims try to solve the same problem in different way and Secularists try to solve the same problem again in yet another way.  297 more words

Slavery alert as Iraq crisis deepens

“She said she is going to be sold as a slave this afternoon, for $10. What can a father say to that? How can I help? 246 more words


At times this project becomes very difficult for me run on top of studying for a BA in Arabic and Hebrew and the work I’ve started doing for a new NGO called Friends of The Holy Land. 284 more words

Sarah was a Filipino domestic worker sold 11 times to different employers...

Walk Free is a movement of people everywhere, fighting to end one of the world’s greatest evils: Modern slavery.

“Sarah was a Filipino domestic worker sold 11 times to different employers… She ended up in a hospital after being beaten black and blue… Slavery has left its thumbprint in the way she speaks, at times incoherent, and in her distrust of people.” … 382 more words