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Day #111 - You hate your job.

Since starting this blog I find myself having a lot of conversations with people about their dreams and ambitions. It’s nice.

I love hearing about the person inside the person I thought I knew or only just met. 725 more words


I am just too busy right now.

I have been extremely busy just lately. I am fast approaching the end of my nursing training: only one shift remaining in fact. After that it will be results day, and I am trying not to think about results day. 578 more words


Observation, Despair, and Effort ...

Every comment placed on the Internet
is the personal character assessment – a,
… “ This is who I am ” …
of the person whose name it bears. 2,628 more words

Philip Livingstone

Sorry USA, but can I please go back to Europe?

Don’t get me wrong, there are many things I prefer about the United States over other countries… but, living here just isn’t for me. I’ve spent over 4 years abroad and then I decided to come home. 1,065 more words

Cross Cultural Interactions

The double edged sword....

There is no question that the ‘ultimate Rolodex’ of available singles is very handy indeed! You can literally ‘swipe left’ which is the equivalent of ‘not interested’ until someone truly peaks your fancy. 277 more words


Keyboard Relationships.

I am a big lover of social networking in all its different varieties and for many different reasons, as I have discussed before. However I am aware of its many dark sides and potential dangers. 745 more words

Modern Society


En route to work this morning, a car pulled out in front of us while we travelled at 60mph. My colleague swerved behind the car to avoid collision… It’s safe to say I needed a cigarette after that. 146 more words