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Mom's in the Age of Digital Technology

It is no secret nowadays that modern technologies have become a key tool in making life easier and more enjoyable for moms. Gone were the days of low tech gadgets and in with the new-and-improved technologies that help us in so many ways. 415 more words



A few years ago our government urged us to stop driving petrol driven cars and instead to go for diesel. We were told that diesel is more eco-friendly than petrol, is better for our health, is more efficient, more economical and overall is much better for the planet. 208 more words

Crazy World

Medication Management: Tips from an OT

Anne Escher is an occupational therapist who teaches at Boston University Sargent College of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences. She specializes in acute care, low vision and rehabilitation. 282 more words

Modern Technology

عروض تلفزيونية منافسة من "ياهو" و"مايكروسوفت"

كشفت كل من شركتي ياهو ومايكروسوفت عن خططهما لتقديم مجموعة من العروض التلفزيونية الحصرية عبر الإنترنت وتطبيقات خاصة، لتنافسا بذلك “أمازون” و”هولو” و” نت فليكس”. 18 more words

QFocus engages learners questions as basis for design ideas/solutions.

My QFocus for the advertising design challenge part of my final project is “Taglines/Slogans can make or break an ad campaign” and the challenge is to have learners come up with as many taglines for a bread company/bakery as possible from one tagline as the constraint. 244 more words

Instructional Design

Reflection on New Technology

With each decade, the technology that emerges has transformed the lives of society and introduced further revolutionary ideas in order to modernize the way in which even the simplest tasks are accomplished. 745 more words

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جهاز Fire TV سيحفز آبل لتجديد جهاز Apple TV، وفقا لمحلل

في وقت سابق من هذا الأسبوع، قامت شركة أمازون بالإعلان رسميا عن جهاز فك التشفير Fire TV، وهو الجهاز الذي لطالما ترددت الشائعات بشأنه طيلة الفترة الماضية، وهذا الجهاز هو بمثابة رد من شركة أمازون على الأجهزة المنافسة مثل Apple TV و Chromecast و Roku 3. 53 more words