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Here’s a gaggle of thoughts rattling around inside my head. Instead of using a straight line to separate each subject, I’m using pics from Moveable Type… 558 more words

NYC: A Users Guide

Visually Impaired? There's an App for that.

Want to know how much money you’re holding? How about the color of your shirt? Or maybe you just want to curl up with a book? 966 more words

Feelings in a long distance: nothing is impossible

Is it possible to communicate without barriers? Yes, you can! Although there are territorial boundaries, digital communication can bring people closer.


Digital Communication

Travel Virus : It's Final ... I Am Never Cured

I hope by now you have read the First part, Second part, and Third part. If you haven’t I hope you would take the time to go back and read them to see what started my romance with traveling, my escape from the mediocre life I had before I discovered life beyond my sheltered bounderies. 689 more words


Instant Gratification: The Necessity of Patience

Patience is a virtue, right? This is probably the most cliché phrase regarding patience, but with the major advancements in technology over the last 20 years or so, it seems that not much patience is needed anymore. 1,090 more words

Multimedia Project Proposal

How is your Digital Repertoire?

I gather from the fact that you are reading this that you can read and write, but let’s imagine for a moment that we couldn’t… How hard would the world become to navigate and comprehend? 526 more words

Digital Natives

Is it important to be Digitally Savvy?!

Are you a computer nerd? The one everyone comes to when they have a problem with their latest software update, or are you the one that dazzlingly stares at the screen bluntly exclaiming “have you tried turning it on and off again?!”. 403 more words

Digital Natives