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Windows in the classroom

Windows in the Classroom

I am an 11 years old kid and I love school. I love macs and use macs at home. But recently I fell in love with my Dad’s Microsoft Surface. 563 more words


Artificial Intelligence Takeover

Last week the eminent scientist Sir Stephen Hawkings reiterated his view that there is a real danger that, one day, artificial intelligence, namely computers, will completely control human beings. 237 more words

Modern Technology

VIDEO: Put Your Phone Down and Look Up

Does modern technology give us more opportunity for human connection? Are the connections it does create genuine, or simply a facade? What effect is this technology having on the next generation, growing up consumed by a constant flow of information? 30 more words

Social Media

52: Convergence: 3D Printing

For this post I reflected on some of the first posts I did including lists.  I really liked some of the ideas I came up with including topics relating to the Volkswagen bus.   608 more words

Isaiah 57 Hear God: two messages

The prophet listened to the Lord and narrated two messages in Isaiah 57. The first message (3-13) addresses the idolatries, sorceries, occults practices rampant in those days. 925 more words


7 Days of Thanks: Day 6

Hi there!

I am thankful for…

  • Clothes
  • Modern medicine
  • Modern technology
  • Air
  • Water

As far as clothes go, I am so thankful for having warm cozy jackets and sweaters that shield me from the cold. 420 more words

Fertility Information - Tubal Ligation

Having children is a huge responsibility as we are all aware and it is a personal decision. Likewise, so is the decision not to have children… 487 more words