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Young and Wired

Mom and Dad can never turn on the damn DVD player.

“I just want to watch my John Wayne movie,” my Mama says, “but the screen keeps saying… 576 more words


Obama Caught Out By Advanced Technology

Its true what they say, you cannot stop the advances in technology that hit us from all sides on a daily basis. This time it seems that the President of the USA was caught out. 175 more words


I'm All Over This Sh*t...

We women are known for our ability to multitask. I have recently discovered my multitasking abilities are at their peak when I’m on the loo. It seems this quiet moment in my life, of which this may be the only one I get every day, is also one of the most productive. 306 more words

Technical clothes

Do clothes often give you a feeling, besides if you like it or not? Do clothes often bring you an experience? I think the answers to most people to these questions will be no. 250 more words


Can I just Copy and Paste?

That’s a good picture, where did you find that? Ehh Google images….
Sound familiar? Well it’s second nature to me and I’m sure to the majority of you also. 402 more words

Digital Natives

Helping Each Other

Computers have come a long way. It is an exceptional tool in the field of learning, as well as an extreme asset to maintaining relationships with friends and family all across the world. 225 more words

Computer Maintenance


I Would Like To Share Some Funny Pictures On The Impact Of Modern Technology On Our Society.

Shoooo – Poor Husband Spending Lots Of Time On Social Media, Neglecting His Wife. 9 more words