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Linear Narrative: Hold My Hand

I don’t know when exactly the discussion started, but it seems that for the past few years now – at least – we’ve been having this same debate: are linear narratives still viable storytelling vehicles in modern video games? 1,524 more words

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Call of Duty: The New Era of No Camping

Is it just me, or is there a trend going on in the Call of Duty franchise? It seems that the more the fan base complains about different things that they find annoying in the game, the creators fix it with their own spin. 667 more words

Advanced Warfare

Game Review: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Trilogy

What better way to start off my very first game review than to do it with a very popular, mainstream franchise, Call of Duty. Remembering how I got Call of Duty and Medal of Honor confused up whenever I was growing up, I recognized a game that I haven’t touched ever since Black Ops. 2,162 more words

Asia's Main Battle Tanks - Junk or still useful on the battlefield?

A widely held belief about the utility of tanks in modern warfare is that the era of the MBT is over. The U.S. Army says it doesn’t need any more, but industry and the U.S. 94 more words

Enduring Freedom begins: wargaming in Afghanistan

The Christmas holiday has been long planned as my opportunity to make a big start on a new project that for me will feature several new wargaming areas: solo gaming, modern warfare using the Force On Force ruleset, and 20mm models. 622 more words


I’ll be home for Christmas . . .

We at Casemate wish everyone the nicest holiday season. People are reconnecting with family now, taking long-overdue days off, and in general seeking to regenerate in pleasant circumstances for the next year to come. 674 more words


Six Days of Xbox Sweeps - Two 'Assassin's Creed' & One 'Call of Duty' Xbox One Bundles to Win

Heavy and AskMen bring you a fantastic opportunity from our friends at Xbox: a chance to win one of three fantastic Xbox One Special Edition Bundles — two Xbox One… 446 more words