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We Are What We Play: "Spec Ops: The Line" Made Me Re-Think Videogames

Alright, so it’s not exactly new, but finally playing Spec Ops: The Line two years after its release has really forced me to rethink everything I’ve held belief in when it came to playing videogames. 1,155 more words


Best to Worst Call of Duty games

#1 - Call of Duty 4, Modern Warfare

- Easily the best Call of Duty game there is, hands down. This game revolutionized first person shooters and showed how to do it the right way. 298 more words

Best To Worst

Arma 3 Updated Review

The most famous of the classic blunders, we’re told, is getting involved in a land war in Asia. Arma III should be at a healthy remove then, centered as it is around the battle for a fictional Mediterranean archipelago. 15 more words

Presbyterian College Theater presents 'Kimberly's Flight'

Presbyterian College’s Department of Theater will honor the life of Kimberly Hampton by presenting their production ‘Kimberly’s Flight’ on Saturday, April 5th.

A alumni of Presbyterian College, Kimberly Hampton, of Easley, N.C., was killed in Fallujah Iraq when the helicopter she was flying was shot down by enemy fire. 88 more words


Top 10: Video Game Soundtracks

A good soundtrack can enhance the experience in both movies and videogames. I’ve compiled a list of my favorite songs from games. The criteria is the song it self, not the game. 507 more words


Best First Person Shooter.

With the release of Titan Fall there has been a debate whether this game lives up to the hype. I’ve sat down with this incredible game, and it has surely caught my eye in a way that it reminds me of the release of the first modern warfare. 127 more words