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Solstices, Life and Death

Happy Solstice! I hope that yours was as meaningful and relaxed as mine was here in North Carolina. Here, The Sojo Tribe and I celebrated Litha, the Summer Solstice, and the apex of the Sun and all that we’ve accomplished so far during the growing light phase of the year.  771 more words

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Divine Love: The Thealogy of Perfection

“Thealogy (a neologism coined by Isaac Bonewits in 1974) is a discourse that reflects upon the meaning of Goddess and Her relationship to life forms. It is a discourse that critically engages the past and contemporary Goddess community’s beliefs, wisdom, embodied practices, questions, and values.” 2,157 more words

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A Deep Swim to find an Old Poem

This morning, I took a deep swim for a bit, resulting in my previous post, The Other Option.  I posted that through my iPhone, from the patio of the local Starbucks, on a bright and sunny morning, as the bustle of traffic and progress buzzed around me.  846 more words

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The Other Option

Last night the dreams were intense, of magick and intrigue, dark and powerful. They illustrated and gave life to the digging and unfolding of mystery I’m currently working. 435 more words

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Interview with the East Carolinian Newspaper

I was honored to be interviewed for the East Carolinian Newspaper (my alma mater is ECU!) on the classes in Modern Witchcraft that I teach. If that wasn’t good enough, there I am scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed and lo and behold, there is the link to the article shared through… 225 more words

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Wings...and what they say

It is a day of mournful poetry. When I awoke this morning I did not yet know that poet Maya Angelou had passed beyond the veil. 706 more words

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A letter to Pastor Joseph Prince

Dear Pastor Prince,

Regarding the life experience that you shared with us on TV, (I saw it two days ago June 7 or 8), about your daughter being sick and crying for three days, then you yourself crying and begging God for help. 469 more words