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White to invisible like incense smoke

sometimes it’s like I am a

fallen fruit:

bruised, disconnected, and trying really hard

not to rot

lights flash fast

you move slow


Stunning Modern Designed Home

Modern design is trending like crazy these days, and people whose main focus is the functionality of their home go crazy for houses like this one designed by Yo Dezeen. 22 more words

Daily Ideas

Mid Mod as The Greenest Building

The Mid Mod addition and restoration continues this summer. We are investigating the possibility and relative merits of a thermal solar system and/or a photovoltaic array. 220 more words



Accepted @ Oysters and Chocolate April 3rd, 2012 – payment 10.00 U.S.

Final Edit – Prepublication.

Rae Buckley


It was time; the clock said so.  2,793 more words


Flying with a mouth open

Pulse. Pulses. Blue. Blues. Light. Lights. Pulse. Pulses.

the sharp quick realization of movement, tensing muscles

instantaneous relaxing, pounding blood to be felt weakly

at parts millions of cells away, ebbing, waving, pulsing. 241 more words


How Zebras Got Their Stripes

How did the zebra get its stripes? It sounds like the theme for a “Just So” story that Rudyard Kipling never got around to writing. You would think that someone would have come up with the definitive answer by now, but, in fact, the reason zebras have stripes remains a biological mystery. 59 more words