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Modest Swimwear

Looking for modest swimwear that can still be worn in your local swimming pool. Looking for something cute, modest and not frumpy look no more. I’ve found this wonderful seller on ebay (Buy now no bidding involved) who sells several very modest swimsuits at very reasonable prices, I kid you not under £20 and perfectly modest!!! 58 more words

Modest Clothing Suppliers UK

Pure Clothing

Check it out this store sells really nice modest tops perfect for making those less modest summer tops less revealing!!!

Modest Clothing Suppliers UK

Dressing Modestly

Dressing modestly means different things for different people. People dress modestly because of religious, cultural, or personal beliefs and reasons. Even though my church does not require it, I choose to dress modestly. 548 more words


The Style Statement Of A Women Tznius Layering Tops

Most of the time, dressing in a tznius seems that you are a working woman or go for a seminar. These tasteful layering shell tops are so flattering that now days they become a style statement as well. 383 more words

¾ Or Three Quarter Sleeve Layering Shells

Islamic Dress Code

Islamic Dress Code promotes modesty and seeks to minimize vice and immorality in society. One of the ways it does so is by requiring modest dress. 470 more words

Muslim Dress

Hey you! Cover that Sexy Bum!

As a busy girl with a full college load and a full time job and things to do; Facebook has become my opportunity for social life as my main priorities are all work but no play. 377 more words

Stylish Hijabs, Abayas And Various Other Islamic Clothing Now Available Online

Choosing a stylish Hijab for yourself is no longer a cumbersome, tiring and time consuming process as one can buy an extensive range of designer Islamic dresses for women online at the best buy price from a renowned online clothing store for women specializing in the finest of Islamic clothing. 342 more words

Tunic Tops