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Wardrobe Wednesday

Hello Once More,

Well as you all know I’m currently on holiday!!!!! However I decided to write you a post to enjoy in my absence. I said I’d share inspiration on how to dress when pregnant. 259 more words

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A Christian, a Muslim, and a Jew walk into a Fashion Boutique...

Imagine walking into a fashion boutique and seeing Muslim, Christian, and  Jewish women shopping. Together. In one place.

Sound far-fetched?

Well, believe it. We are making this a reality one day at a time. 300 more words


Wardrobe Wednesday

Hello Again,

It’s Wardrobe Wednesday!!!! Today I thought I’d tackle a common problem for girls and ladies today – skirts/dresses that are just too short!!!! I have two younger sisters and we found this to be a big problem as we entered our teen years. 395 more words

Modest Clothing Suppliers UK

Packing for a Weekend Getaway

Ever regret bringing most of the items you packed for a trip?  Leave everything you actually needed? Forget to repack all of your items when it was time to return home? 185 more words

Fabric for Blue Dresses

Below are descriptions of several blue pieces of fabric waiting to be sewn up into a modest dress for Mom or daughter. Please check my etsy shop for options and pricing. 224 more words

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At what age are Muslim girls expected to start wearing the hijab and why?

In Islam, all individuals become responsible and accountable for their behavior at the age of puberty. The Islamic teachings about modest dress apply to any person, male or female, at that time. 878 more words


All Black Everything...

I ordered a couple of shirts from fellow blogger girlwithcurves. I love this hi low skater dress, talk about modest, it TOTALLY covers my backside! I paired it with black skirt leggings from the one and only Mimumaxi. 52 more words