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Managing Katello Content Subscriptions with Puppet

So today we have some shameless self promotion. Let’s pretend you have a functioning katello 2.0 platform up and running. Let’s then look into some of the details on handling your content subscriptions, after all there are few reasons to use katello (instead of foreman) if you are NOT interested in using it to handle patching. 258 more words


More sales!

During discussions with our client companies’ CEOs we have touched on the topic of challenges in product management from the management’s point of view. Engineering data is usually under control and the information is transferred from the engineering department to manufacturing electronically and without errors – “and if there are any mistakes, I’m sure the engineers will fix them.” CEOs’ problem is that they don’t know what products are being sold, what products have been offered, what products there even are in the company’s portfolio and how the company’s own offering is positioned in relation to competitors and the markets’ or customers’ needs. 500 more words


Off to the Races

This is so late!

Organized, non-lazy people would start their blog about library school the day said school began, but clearly I’m not that kind of girl. 717 more words


Telefónica dives into the consumer internet of things with Thinking Things "ambient" pack

Telefónica has launched a modular internet of things platform called Thinking Things, which consists of stackable modules for a variety of purposes.

There will be many sensors, actuator modules and so on to come, but the first manifestation of the new platform is an “ambient kit pack” that includes a communications module with an embedded SIM, a module for measuring air temperature, humidity and ambient light, and a battery module that can be charged via microUSB (the battery modules, which can charge 1,000 “communications” per charge, can themselves be stacked.) … 385 more words

Module 5 – Technical Module with Jimmy Tang and Evan Huang

This workout brought an important question from Social Module: which group I should focus on, more directly, what kind of mobile platform I want to build. 203 more words



wellisch, 1–5

Abbreviations that are used within subheadings of entries are explained within the index by use of cross-references from the abbreviated form to the fully spelled out form, or by double posting of the abbreviated form with the spelled out form as a parenthetical qualifier.

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