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Beehive Burner

When I was a kid and teen, these beehive burners were at every sawmill.  I installed a fire LED kit from Evans Designs in this beehive burner.  111 more words

Self set brief

The aim of this exhibition module is to produce an outdoor living brand for Spring/Summer brand inspired by South America using as much eco friendly and sustainable processes and materials as possible. 731 more words


Tensor Product over Noncommutative Rings

Following the earlier article on tensor products of vector spaces, we will now look at tensor products of modules over a ring R, not necessarily commutative. 1,013 more words


What is this 'post-colonialism' you speak of?

This week has been particularly rough, and I’m largely putting that down to the copious amount of reading that I have had to do for my modules. 277 more words

Nested module definitions

When we define nested modules like this:

module A
  X = 1
  module B
    X = 2
    module C
      def self.print_const
        puts X
… 184 more words

Relief - another try

Sian advised me to try and manipulate materials to create a feeling of Wabi Sabi rather than staying close on the physical picture. For this digital image I crumbled a piece of paper, wich I then treated with sandpaper. 9 more words


Xposed Modules for Optimus ROM

Xposed Modules for Optimus ROM

Hello Everyone

I got some amazing modules which can totally change the look and feel of Optimus ROM and i thought to share them with all of you. 149 more words