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Making Shakespeare Proud

Two weeks ago, my English class began learning about Shakespeare.  They were fascinated with the fact that he invented new words — thousands of them!  One gentleman in the back asked me, “How is that possible?!”  I answered a question with a question, “Did you know about ‘twerking’ a few years ago?” Lightbulbs went off around his head (figuratively, of course) and the rest of the class nodded.   117 more words

The Crumpett Files

Remind me again, who you?

I’ll be like,


when you fade away

from my mind

like a vague dream.

I’ll be like,

who you mofo?

when you resurface

like a burp… 22 more words


I'm a Genius and this is Important Shit.

I’m the kind of person that people go to with their problems. I think the reason for this, is that they want good advice and since I’m so smart and have the perfect life, they think they can trust me. 381 more words

Gillean's Rants