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The New Shanti Sena Pt. I

Waking up to a bright morning, I prepare myself for satsang with Mooji. Opening the white gate to the mini-ashram I’m staying at, a young girl’s sweet smile greets me. 833 more words

Experiments With Generosity

How Do I Find Harmony In My Life?

 There are many parts that make up the whole person – romantic interests, physical health, intelligence, indulgences, fears, personal goals, financial situation, religious beliefs, passions, problems of greater or lesser magnitude, and so on.   84 more words


The Words of August


For the opening post for the month of August, 2014, the following words of wisdom are presented to the readers of this blog:

1.”You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.” (Mae West) 182 more words