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Tasting Perfection

Slowly piercing the moist center
Eager with anticipation
Salivating at the mere thought
Of succulent juices on my tongue

Taking my time, spreading it slowly… 62 more words


Egg-Free Apple Cake

So my kids like apples…sort of. They go through periods where they seem to want an apple every day and then periods where if I offer one it’s the worst idea they’ve ever heard. 87 more words


3 Simple Tips To Keep Yeast Infections At Bay This Summer

It’s never easy being a woman especially during summer. The weather is so hot that it changes the state of your vagina. The excess moisture in your vaginal area due to the heat promotes the growth of candida albicans. 23 more words


banana chocolate chip muffins

I made banana chocolate chip muffins the other day at work and the residents loved them. They smelled SO good when I took them out of the oven. 212 more words


Introducing: Strand Craft V8 Moist Rod by Yacht Blog

Introducing: Strand Craft V8 Wet Rod
21st July 2014
The only jet-ski you’;ll ever want
By James Somper
Not too long ago unveiled by the Stand Yacht Business, the “V8 Wet Rod” is the ideal of the two worlds incorporating eye-catching, carbon-fibre and epoxy design and style built around a … if you want to view full content please visit this … 8 more words

Cadangan Kecantikan Shaklee

Dapat menjadikan kulit lebih berseri / glowing dengan memperbaiki struktur melanin bawah kulit, dapat melembapkan kulit juga.

Salah satu vitamin anti aging yang dianggap paling ampuh adalah vitamin C.Sebagai serum anti aging yang kuat, vitamin C dapat meningkatkan produksi kolagen, mencegah kerusakan kulit akibat sinar matahari, dan memperbaiki garis-garis halus serta kerutan kulit. 74 more words

B Complex

Chocolate Chip Banana Bread

So cliché for my first post but it was my most recent bake and my fiancée and I’s favourite banana bread this far, though I am always trying to search or invent new recipes as banana bread is so versatile so I will keep this updated. 239 more words