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The cringey word M...T in women's vocabulary

Take Our PollOk, I know that I started my wordpress account absolute donkeys years ago (for a while i kept on saying monkeys years; it’s  to do with being non-native speaker) and on top of that, I set it up to blog about my love for food really. 290 more words


Words That Make Me Cringe!

What’s that word that really gets to you? The word that is over used, unnecessary and just sounds horrible! You know the ones I’m on about, it’s these cringe-worthy words that just make your every existence clamp up, your jaw mouth’s a funny ‘O’ and your feet tense together. 610 more words


Coconut Celebration Cake with Pomegranate Mascarpone Icing

I was having a look at my blog the other day and realized it had been a year since I started, so I thought I’d make a little celebration cake to mark the occassion! 544 more words


Eggless Chocolate Cake

I am not at all a fan of chocolates, cakes and pastries. But these days I crave for chocolate brownies and cakes a lot but homemade ones :-D I am a member of #HomeBakersGuild on Facebook and the members share really good recipes of cakes, breads and things related to baking. 286 more words


A Word that Means Something to Me.

It’s been awhile. It seems that I get the writing bug and want to be creative, but the act of actually documenting it seems so monotonous, so boring. 429 more words

Carrot Cake

Today I made this wonderful light gluten,
dairy free and moist carrot cake. I believe it tastes even better on the second day if you can bear to wait. 161 more words

I’m starting a petition to replace the word “moist” with “moisturous.”

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