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Minecraft Monday - Let's grind some mobs!

Tonight we plan on staying on task and getting started with our discovered mob grinder located in the cave behind Kara’s house.
Join us at 8PM EST on our main twitch channel for our PC Server Minecraft game.

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I’m the type that if I really like a game, I will play it til’ it’s a smoking nub of data. Always have. The first being The Sims for the Playstation 2. 858 more words


Review: Minecraft PlayStation Vita Edition

Minecraft is a game that you never really stop playing once you start. Oh sure, some months have gone by since I played a serious session on the computer, but I recently got the PS Vita Edition of it, and boy have I been playing it!  1,013 more words


Microsoft compra Minecraft

Una gran noticia para los fanáticos del juego Minecraft que se encuentra disponible en las plataformas de iOS, Android, PlayStation, Mac y PC es que Microsoft la compró (con todo y la compañía que la desarrolló) por la cantidad de $2.5 billones de Dólares. 98 more words


Finding People Who "Get" You (Part 2)

So, in continuation of the various communities I’ve joined or found myself a part of, this post will be about the group of people who love to play the same computer game as me…Minecraft. 980 more words


YouTuber creates animation of realistic Minecraft

As the title suggests, a YouTuber by the name of Flashcode has created an animation of what Minecraft might look like if it had more realistic graphics — at least as realistic as is possible when the game world is made of m³ blocks.

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Minecraft : : 1.9 Update "Far Future Update" Ideas


At the following link, you can see the name of the next Minecraft update. It was first listed in the bug tracker section. Snapshots leading up to 1.9 should start sometime soon, maybe at the start of 2015 or maybe even December 2014. 163 more words