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Last week, Markus Persson (also known as Notch) sold Minecraft to Microsoft. More specifically, he sold mojang to Microsoft, which includes Minecraft.

I’m sure different people have different opinions on this subject, but I believe that Notch’s reasons for selling Mojang to Microsoft were legitimate. 262 more words


CA! RADIO EP 73: The Brothers Destiny

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Episode 73: The Brothers Destiny (09/16/2014)
♪This week the brothers return to give their final thoughts on Bungie’s long awaited Destiny and to talk comics.♪  Download & iTunes


Microsoft to 5th-grader: We’ll make Minecraft better

Young journalists can make a difference these days, it seems.

Last week we published a letter from a devoted Minecraft fan who voiced her concerns about the game (and the studio that developed it, Mojang) becoming a Microsoft property. 408 more words


Hart & Usagi Podcast #53: Destiny

HartKnight and Usagi704 return with a new episode of the Hart & Usagi Podcast discussing the main topic of Destiny with guuthulhu after some news chatting. 97 more words


Microsoft and Minecraft - a ploy for a united future in gaming

The recent announcement of Microsoft buying Mojang, the developers of gaming phenomenon Minecraft has resulted in responses ranging from excitement to disbelief to outright hostility. 276 more words


Gamesland News: Minecraft, Movies, Rock Band and More

The latest news from the gaming world, in one easy-to-read post.


- Microsoft has bought Mojang, the creators of Minecraft, for a total of $2.5 billion dollars. 125 more words


A Starting Point, Episode 2

Brian and I are back again after some computer-related snafus on Brian’s end. In this episode we start off with Microsoft’s scheduled purchase of Minecraft developer Mojang. 50 more words