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In The Dreamscape

Weird things happen when you go to sleep. Sometimes, you can’t sleep. Sometimes, in a groggy state, your body imagines stuff going on around you. However, without a doubt, the strangest thing that can happen to a human during the sleep cycle is to dream. 801 more words

Twelve day season

Three games in 12 days and, as always, it’s all on Romo’s back. Sunday night, the Cowboys play in New York followed by a game on Thanksgiving against the Eagles. 258 more words

Dallas Cowboys

Love letter

Driving this morning, I had about 10 things I thought to write to you when I got here, and like just about every other day, I forgot them before I got to start this blog because…well, you name it: Too much to remember; Driving, can’t make notes; Email/computer wouldn’t open fast enough; Didn’t think to use notebook once I parked because (GASP!) time was running out to get to work on time… *sigh* 426 more words

Get your Professional and Personal MOJO

Get your Professional and Personal MOJO

If you want to learn how to fish, watch and learn form a great fisherman. If you want to get better in a sport, you learn and practice under a good coach. 551 more words
College Prep

Q&A Time

I was tagged by Mother’s Little Steps to participate in a quick Q&A – and well, I can’t say no!

1.  When and why did you start blogging? 674 more words


Far West Mojo

Far West Mojo (FWM) is a participatory mobile journalism program that uses digital storytelling skills and iPhone connectivity to create local community stories that are published on the Internet. 159 more words