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Pharaoh Leon & Don Da'Vito Put It Down For MOJO at Riff Music Lounge

MOJO’s Pharaoh Leon and Don Da’Vito put together a show over at Riff Music Lounge. Other artists graced the staged and overall was a good night. 336 more words


“BTS” Spreading to Epidemic Levels

Hey friends. I want to talk with you about something that affects a lot of my friends. I believe many of you out there may have it or know someone who does. 187 more words

10 ways to get back your missing mojo

I would suspect that most of us go through phases in our lives where we have seemed to have lost our interest in what we do and much of the routine aspects of our existence. 590 more words


The Seinfeld Post

This post is a little like George’s idea in Seinfeld’s ‘The Pitch’ episode “the show is about nothing…nothing happens on the show”. That is this post in a nutshell – nothing in particular happens really! 512 more words

I've got my reading mojo back

I haven’t been able to get to my blog in a long time. I am in the midst of my ethics application at the moment, I am teaching Information and Media students at my uni as well as going out to my super sekrit public library casual job where I get to work on a public desk for a day a week. 1,695 more words


Cat elevator

In Shanghai we put up our mosquito nets at the start of summer, and also tried, fruitlessly, to keep our cat from our bedrooms at night. 224 more words

_58 Autumn Colours with Jan and Mihai


Route map here

Me and Jan planned to go for a couple of hours ride up in Bymarka in the afternoon before I went off up north for round two of construction in the arctic, this time we were joined by another Trondheim local, Mihai. 335 more words