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Improvement Right Under My Nose

Last night was one of the best classes I’ve had in several weeks. I had been a little discouraged lately because classes have consisted mostly of me and little kids, maybe a teenager or two if I’m lucky. 586 more words

Adult Taekwondo

I did it.

I put on my running kit and started making dinner.

Then when I wasn’t looking I ran out the door to avoid any more excuses. 45 more words

running low on mojo

Am supposed to be running today.

Haven’t made it out the door yet .

After Sunday’s terrible run and still this stupid cold I think I have lost my running mojo. 45 more words

Mojo pep talk required

Mojo. Motivation. I wish I knew how to keep it. Or at least maintain it at a reasonable level!

I have woken today feeling a bit flat, and seem to be getting flatter as the day progresses. 113 more words



Am I the only one that feels constantly behind with life? Calls, texts, messages, chores, ideas and desires … you name it, I feel the pressure of not having done it or acted upon it. 385 more words


All glory comes from daring to begin.


In The Dreamscape

Weird things happen when you go to sleep. Sometimes, you can’t sleep. Sometimes, in a groggy state, your body imagines stuff going on around you. However, without a doubt, the strangest thing that can happen to a human during the sleep cycle is to dream. 801 more words