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I've got my reading mojo back

I haven’t been able to get to my blog in a long time. I am in the midst of my ethics application at the moment, I am teaching Information and Media students at my uni as well as going out to my super sekrit public library casual job where I get to work on a public desk for a day a week. 1,695 more words


Cat elevator

In Shanghai we put up our mosquito nets at the start of summer, and also tried, fruitlessly, to keep our cat from our bedrooms at night. 224 more words

_58 Autumn Colours with Jan and Mihai


Route map here

Me and Jan planned to go for a couple of hours ride up in Bymarka in the afternoon before I went off up north for round two of construction in the arctic, this time we were joined by another Trondheim local, Mihai. 335 more words


Germanium Mosrite Fuzzrite

Stock values.
Nos italian caps.
I tried a lot of different trannies combos..
Check the usual Soundcloud stream for the full audio repornage.
2n508 on q1, hfe 153… 44 more words


Stealing sweet notes

Back when I started to take pictures, it was because I wanted to remember every moment of their lives. I wanted to remember the sly smile, the look of intensity or the joy in them. 531 more words


Clear cache from iDevice similar to what Battery Doctor and PhoneCleaner do

Anyone knows how clearing cache is being done for iDevice like what Battery Doctor and PhoneCleaner do? I am asking in term of coding and not how the apps stated should be used. 14 more words


Leader Spotlight: Bill Crawford, Team Mojo Foundation

If asked to describe the city of East Liverpool, Ohio, many people would likely use adjectives such as gross, empty, broken and sad. Well, compared to the booming pottery town that the city once was, those words aren’t far from the truth. 990 more words

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