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my awesome dog mojo

One day, my family rescued my dog mojo from some nice people at MTGRR (Middle Tennessee Golden Retriever Rescue) in Nashville. He had been abused and was afraid of some people. 39 more words


Shin-Ei Fy2 Companion

After pulling some  C536 F0L transistors offa non working japanese tape deck, i set upon building the swarming bees buzzy fuzz royale aka the FY2. Tomorrow will be testing time. 33 more words


Where's My MoJo?

This week in the ever-changing world of J2150 we focused primarily on mobile journalism. I’ve heard that all the cool kids call it “MoJo”, both to save time and exclude others by way of lingo. 1,076 more words


My Audio To-Do List: Digital and More

Been awhile since I’ve checked in, so thought I’d take a sec, maybe have a deep breath and open the kimono a bit …

… Perv. 2,964 more words


_34 Bastille Et Vierge Noire Avec Jonny


Route map here

Even though we had already ridden earlier in the day on a pretty good length ride, we decided it would be cool to go ride the trails on La Bastille as the sun set and then go for a beer in the city on the way back. 371 more words


_33 Rochers De La Bourgeoise Avec Jonny


Route map here

Well Jonny had so much fun last time he was out he came back for a 2nd visit a mere 7 weeks later but this time he hired a badass automobile (as showcased below, a real pussy magnet) meaning we could travel a bit further and explore some trails I had not done before. 1,085 more words


_32 St-Eynard With Andy And Hanne


Route map here

A few weeks ago I received a message from a friend form Aberdeen’s parents, Hanne and Andy (who I had never met but had spoken to and knew plenty about), saying that they would be travelling through France in April and that if they were to stop by Grenoble would I mind showing them around some of the local trails. 1,425 more words