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Far West Mojo

Far West Mojo (FWM) is a participatory mobile journalism program that uses digital storytelling skills and iPhone connectivity to create local community stories that are published on the Internet. 159 more words

Mojo Magic; Rave for Miracles

If someone asked me if I believed in miracles, love and monogamy two years ago I would have said an affirmative NO.  My man lost his mojo and left me to figure it out.   198 more words


Getting my mojo back

Now this subject is a little embarrassing but nevertheless I really want to discussed it. Please don’t get me wrong, I am really blushing while I type this. 186 more words

Weight Loss Surgery

Journalism's 'silly season'

It’s possibly silly season… a phrase my friend pointed out to me when journalists can’t think of anything to write about, or lose their mojo. 130 more words

Lifestyle And Thoughts


Or lack of it…

I’m having trouble with motivating myself recently. It’s not one of those ‘life gets in the way’ things, because I simply refuse with life getting in the way. 171 more words

Key Elements of Sexual Energy in the Minor Arcana

Are some numbers sexier than others? You betcha! Is Fire hotter than Earth? You know it is!

The following analysis of the individual elemental and numerological components of the number (or pip) cards of the Minor Arcana will help you get a… 543 more words

Card Meanings

Mr. Hanert, Your Contribution Will Not Be Forgotten-Jimmy Smith's Got My Mojo Workin'

I was first introduced to “The Incredible Jimmy Smith” in an apartment complex whose hallways perpetually smelled of old sneakers and marijuana. I strangely never saw another tenet in all the time I spent there, but I heard them well enough through the cardboard and putty walls, reeking ghosts with worn out soles. 1,249 more words