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The Curious Case of the Half Ambassador

Word count: 421

What happens when the United States appoints a new ambassador to a friendly, allied country? There’s a little ceremony and then a press release goes out. 403 more words


What fees do dealers have to pay in Moldova when you pay with credit card for purchases

More and more individuals in Moldova pay for purchases by using bank card instead of cash, whether it is made in the country or abroad. In general the price you pay using a credit card is similar to the price paid in cash. 639 more words


The fight for non-cash payments in Moldova!

In 2015, in Moldova, a national campaign has been launched to promote non-cash forms of payments.
Even in the last year, many cardholders have been able to feel the interest of banks in promoting such payments. 540 more words


Ștefan cel Mare și Sfînt. Povestire completă a unui dac.

Constantin cel Mare, din voia lui Dumnezeu, a schimbat capitala Imperiului său, trecînd-o de la Roma la Constantinopol. Asta s-a întîmplat cam pe la anul 330 d.H. 5,994 more words


Places that don't exist: Transnistria

You’ll most likely never heard of this “country” before; that’s because it’s not recognised by the U.N. or any other country in the world. It’s simply a breakaway region of Moldova but is now governed by the Russian army and believe me you could really tell. 614 more words


Ardelenism vs moldovenism

Un cântec patriotic pe care l-am învățat încă din clasele primare spunea cam așa: Ardealul, Ardealul, Ardealul ne cheamă! Cumva am auzit și eu această chemare și i-am cedat ei fără drept de apel, așa că din inima Moldovei m-am mutat în inima țării. 414 more words

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