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Family trip

Data fiind tragica pierdere de acum doua saptamani, am fost prins cu tot ce a presupus aceasta si nu am mai avut timp pentru iesiri mai deosebite. 227 more words


Will a policy of aggression alone work?

The Modi government has taken an aggressive stance on Pakistan. It needs to be commended that the current government has shown the spine to call Pakistan’s bluff. 573 more words


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Narendra Modi in Mahasamund
By Narendra Modi [CC-BY-SA-2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Celebrations and Sărbători

Here’s a quick Romanian language lesson for you…

Sărbători means celebrations (or celebrate).

This week was full of sărbători (celebrations) here in Moldova. On Wednesday. August 27 Moldova celebrated its Ziua Independenți (day of independence). 541 more words


Despre Inițiativa pentru ciclism în condiții sigure pe Publika TV!

La acest link găsiți o știre despre proiectul nostru. Va invităm să Vă alăturați inițiativei pentru a ne bucura împreună de ciclism în condiții sigure!


Expensive Speech (Draft 1)

Expensive Speech

Off to jail with you –
We have permission
from our allies:

We gave them a Naval base
and they gave us

permission to torture you; 167 more words

Douglas Gilbert

The Wedding Planning Weekend

The saying goes that God never gives you more than you can handle. I can apparently handle a LOT.

In the midst of doing all of the endless things necessary for the big move, I also needed to do as much wedding planning as possible. 476 more words


Fulbright Orientation - Is This Real Life?!

Apologies to all who were expecting this post in a timely manner. I got back from the Fulbright PDO (Pre-Departure Orientation) and went straight into a jam-packed marriage prep weekend. 1,078 more words