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Having finished sculpting my clay models, it was time to begin creating my army of plastic chess pieces. It was a process that took a lot of trial and error to “master.” I started out making a two-part mold for my queen before realizing that I could save myself a lot of hassle by just doing a one-part mold. 1,372 more words


Buddha Pears

Fruit Mould Co., Ltd specialized in creating one of a kind, high quality fruit and vegetable molds to transform regular fruits into wacky and weird shapes that you’ve never seen before. 62 more words

Art And Artist

Fresh from the Forge

Heya people.

A while ago, I was talking about starting a Sons of Horus army. Since a week or so, that project has finally started. The first models are already in my possession and I started painting them. 184 more words


Homemade Soaps

For a really long time I wanted to learn how to make soap. I am not sure why it took so long for me to do it. 431 more words


Areas of concern: Spots in the home where molds likely grow

Jill Murray, mother to a healthy five-year-old named Caitlin, shared her daughter’s health mystery that took years to unlock. For so long, she and her husband couldn’t figure out why their daughter would fall ill for days—until they discovered that the reason has been lying beneath their New Jersey home for years: a heap of molds sitting on the crawlspace. 252 more words


Over the weekend I finished up the temporary molds that I started working on in May.  There are seven of these total, and they were quite a bit more time consuming than I had expected (I sense this may become a theme…). 266 more words

Sooty Tern Build