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Warrior - MOLDS 005

A generic warrior, had to look at myself in the mirror for a little reference.


Working with hot glue

Hot glue sticks are pretty cool not only because they glue though.. Except from the fact that you can make awesome sculptures with a hot glue gun, you can also cast it! 50 more words


Cheap silicon molds

Hello people!

Here we are again with a badass tip! most people dont usually use to make molds out of rubber or silicon based mold in general, because it is very expencive! 84 more words


More or Less Daily Skecth - 002

Day two¬†and I’m already late with my schedule…

This drawing was inspired in one of my favorite animations “How to Train your Dragon”, by Dreamworks.


More or less Daily Sketch - 001

I am able to draw reasonably well if I have a reference, but I suck at drawing from imagination, so I decided to start the “More or less Daily Sketch” project. 26 more words


Discovering ME

So I am someone who is very versatile. I have many hats that I can wear whenever I want. But when it comes to actually saying who I am I typically only choose one of those hats. 291 more words