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Role of Cyclin-D in Spread of Cancers

Researchers at the University of California, San Diego School of Medicine have elucidated the role of a protein essential to regulating the progression of the cell cycle. 248 more words

Ivana De Domenico

How Gene Therapy Is Like a Weeble

By Anna Lau, PhD, Medical Writer

In 1963, at the dawn of the molecular biology age, Dr. Joshua Lederberg anticipated “the interchange of chromosomes and segments,” predicting that “the ultimate application of molecular biology would be the direct control of nucleotide sequences in human chromosomes, coupled with recognition, selection and integration of the desired genes…” His idea describes the basic principle of gene therapy. 971 more words

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Acclimation potential to a future ocean acidification scenario in the key copepod species Calanus finmarchicus

Ocean acidification, as a result of the increased concentration of carbon dioxide in
the ocean, poses a threat towards marine ecosystems through lowered pH and altered seawater chemistry. 219 more words


Interaction effects of ocean acidification and warming on the marine copepod Calanus finmarchicus

Ocean acidification and concurring warming of the oceans poses an ongoing threat to marine organisms, but little is known about their combined effects. The boreal calanoid copepod… 208 more words


Fresh Findings about Relationship Between Regulation of DNA and Common Illnesses

There’s a lot of major diseases out there that a one could suffer from. Once a patient acquires any of diseases, DNA wraps around specialized proteins called histones in the cell’s nucleus. 277 more words

Ivana De Domenico

Elevated CO2 alleviates high PAR and UV stress in the unicellular chlorophyte Dunaliella tertiolecta

The effects of increased CO2 and irradiance on the physiological performance of the chlorophyte Dunaliella tertiolecta were studied at different PAR and UVR (UVA+UVB) irradiances, simulating the solar radiation at different depths, under present (390 ppmv, LC) and predicted CO2 levels for the year 2100 (1000 ppmv, HC). 208 more words


Helga Refsum

Title: Professor in the Department of Nutrition

Company: University of Oslo

Location: Oslo, Norway

Currently, as professor within the department of nutrition at the University of Oslo… 178 more words