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Evolutionary innovations

Just what will Homo sapiens look like 1,000 years from now? …assuming we still roam this ‘smote of dust suspended in a sunbeam‘. It’s a question that was imaginatively tackled in a great article by the ever funny-facetious… 229 more words


Study Exosomes from Culture Media without FBS Contamination

Unless you are studying Cow exosomes, use Exo-FBS when isolating exosomes from cell culture media.

Exosomes isolated from cell culture media provide an exciting source for novel biomarker discovery and therapeutic potential. 367 more words

Molecular Biology

Natural volcanic CO2 seeps reveal future trajectories for host–microbial associations in corals and sponges

Atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2) levels are rapidly rising causing an increase in the partial pressure of CO2 (pCO2) in the ocean and a reduction in pH known as ocean acidification (OA). 263 more words


Oxidation: The Cornerstone of Carcinogenesis: Oxidation and Tobacco Smoke Carcinogenesis. A Relationship Between Cause and Effect

In order to learn oncology, it is necessary to acquire a comprehensive knowledge of molecular biology in carcinogenesis, and then, with this as a background, to consider the principles of the theoretical and clinical basis of the subject. 143 more words

Advance Research

The incredible information economy of frameshifting

Her fox and dog ate our pet rat

H erf oxa ndd oga teo urp etr at

He rfo xan ddo gat eou rpe tra t… 799 more words

Molecular Biology

Product Focus: dNTPs & dNTP Pre-Mixes

Premium Quality dNTPs – at prices you can’t ignore…!

The synthesis of a complementary DNA/cDNA strand by enzymatic polymerization of deoxynucleotide triphosphates (dNTPs) is the basic principle of DNA amplification, sequencing and cDNA synthesis techniques such as PCR, real-time PCR and reverse transcription. 265 more words

Molecular Biology

Lithium: Wonder Drug? Part II

Note from the author: This post is dedicated to my biology nerds out there.  If you follow my Gene-of-the-Week posts (and you should because they’re the weirdest), you know that I often get lost in the cellular and molecular details of life, and it’s totally overwhelming.   2,749 more words