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Invasion of the golden mussel: A TED Fellow wields genes to protect the Amazon

Back in the ’90s, the golden mussel (Limnoperna fortunei) hitched a ride on ships traveling from Asia to South America. In the past decade and a half, the mussel has proliferated through South America’s river systems, destroying the native habitat and disrupting the operation of power plants and water treatment facilities. 1,784 more words

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Molecular biology explains Ebola, and how that movie misses the point

The Ebola epidemic ravaging Africa is rarely plumbed to its scientific depths as panic-driven governments, media outfits, and pedestrian populations are spoonfed assumptions. Also not helping is a sensationalized Dustin Hoffman-starrer that prefaced this current health debacle and demonstrated just how voiceless the scientific community could be where matters of life, death, and public health policy are concerned. 348 more words

STRATECH NEWS: Molecular Biology Special (Probe Issue 22)

Stratech now provide more than 800,000 products, and whilst our new website makes it easy to search for the products you know well, it can sometimes still be difficult to find related products in your area of… 143 more words

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Scientists find how mysterious 'circular RNA' is formed, claim muscular dystrophy link.

Genetic information is stored in DNA, tiny strands of nucleic acid that contain instructions for the functioning of the human body. To express this genetic data, our DNA is copied into RNA molecules, which then translate the instructions into proteins that perform tasks in cells. 475 more words


Not “Just Kids”

We, as a society, have a strange relationship with children that is intensely riddled with paradoxes, ironies, and contradictions. Thanks to the intense eye of media coverage, we feel our kids are in the most dangerous society history has ever seen– although social scientists have readily dismissed this absurd idea. 852 more words

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Hittin' the Buffers

Gel electrophoresis, or ‘running a gel’ is the ‘bread ‘n butter’ of any molecular biology lab – the ‘stock ‘n trade’ of the Life Sciences – the ‘meat ‘n two veg’ of… 197 more words


Gene expression profiling in gills of the great spider crab Hyas araneus in response to ocean acidification and warming


Hypercapnia and elevated temperatures resulting from climate change may have adverse consequences for many marine organisms. While diverse physiological and ecological effects have been identified, changes in those molecular mechanisms, which shape the physiological phenotype of a species and limit its capacity to compensate, remain poorly understood. 268 more words