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Word to the Wise: 4 Tips for Air Travel During the Holidays

It’s finally that time of the year again; the season for giving and the season to be thankful, the season for hot beverages on crisp evenings and perhaps most importantly, the season for sales and discounts. 733 more words

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Early sign of yellow fever could lead to new treatment

BBC News Pippa Stephens 21 November 2014

Picking up early signs of yellow fever, an infectious disease which can be fatal, could lead to a new treatment and better diagnosis, a study said. 33 more words


Product Focus: Culture cells in Exo-FBS™ media to avoid bovine exosome interference

  • FBS with bovine exosome-sized vesicles removed
  • Stripped of CD63 positive cow exosomes
  • No detectable cow microRNAs
  • Same cellular growth rates supported as standard FBS
  • Use the same as standard FBS (add 10% in DMEM or RPMI)
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Molecular Biology

The other genetic material is always overlooked: mRNA

Damage to DNA is an issue for all cells, particularly in cancer, where the mechanisms that repair damage typically fail. The same agents that damage DNA also damage its sister molecule messenger RNA (mRNA), which ferries transcripts of the genes to the tens of thousands of ribosomes in each cell. 1,309 more words


I Origins (2014): "I'd like to tell you the story of the eyes that changed this world."

Sometimes the saddest thing about a film is its lost potential. I Origins (2014, dir. Mike Cahill) is a pseudo-science fiction drama film lead by Michael Pitt as Ian Gray, a grad student specialising in the field of molecular biology. 857 more words

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No evidence for impacts to the molecular ecophysiology of ion or CO2 regulation in tissues of selected surface-dwelling bivalves in the vicinity of a sub-seabed CO2 release

Whilst sub-seabed Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) has the potential to remove a significant proportion of anthropogenic CO2 emissions at source, research is necessary to constrain the environmental impacts of potential future gas leaks from storage reservoirs. 441 more words


Proteins at your fingertips

With a click and a casual flick of the wrist, a 289 kilodalton protein rotates drunkenly on its axis.  A few more clicks and the protein has transformed from a bundle of sheets and tubes to a ponderous and bulbous entity.   99 more words