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Marine ammonia-oxidizing archaeal isolates display obligate mixotrophy and wide ecotypic variation

Ammonia-oxidizing archaea (AOA) are now implicated in exerting significant control over the form and availability of reactive nitrogen species in marine environments. Detailed studies of specific metabolic traits and physicochemical factors controlling their activities and distribution have not been well constrained in part due to the scarcity of isolated AOA strains. 244 more words


eGFP or not to eGFP

One of the ways to improve the signal to noise ratio of the reporter fluorescence, is to have a brighter (proportional to the extinction coefficient x quantum yield), more stable protein with a larger difference between the peak excitation and the emission wavelengths ( 468 more words


Next Generation Sequencing and Personalized Genomic Patient Care

I’m sure that everyone has heard about next generation sequencing (NGS). But why exactly is it a big deal? Even though I have spent a significant amount of time at the bench performing “wet lab” basic science research and was acquainted with the term, I did not have practical hands-on experience with NGS prior to residency. 731 more words


The billionaire cancer researcher

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Several patients/friends told me this week about the… 770 more words

Amin Jaffer Selects The 1962 Nobel Prize Gold Medal Award

                                       The 1962 Nobel Prize Gold Medal                          Awarded to Dr James D. Watson, for his ground-breaking discovery of the structure of the DNA: the double helix in 1953, alongside Dr Francis Crick and Maurice Wilkins.                                                185 more words


WRML. Sheep worm articles in Beyond the Bale - grazing management and PCR test for worms

WormMail.2014-12-10.Sheep worm articles in Beyond the Bale – grazing management and PCR test for worms

Many of you get Beyond the Bale.

For those who don’t, there are some worm related articles in the current (December 2014) issue: one is on… 359 more words

Nutrient availability can cause whole-genome recoding

The availability of a trace nutrient can cause genome-wide changes to how organisms encode proteins, report scientists from the University of Chicago in PLoS Biology… 835 more words

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