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A very UNtheoretical approach to cancer diagnosis

We have tons of different antibodies in our blood. Without even taking mutation into account we have 65 heavy chain genes, 27 diversity segments, and 6 joining regions for them (making 10,530) possibilities — then there are 40 genes for the kappa light chains and 30 for the lambda light chains or over 1,200 * 10,530. 594 more words

Chemistry (relatively Pure)

Proteomic and metabolomic responses of Pacific oyster Crassostrea gigas to elevated pCO2 exposure

The gradually increased atmospheric CO2 partial pressure (pCO2) has thrown the carbonate chemistry off balance and resulted in decreased seawater pH in marine ecosystem, termed ocean acidification (OA). 203 more words


Hello ;)

Hi, I´m Edel, a young research who would like to invite you to read about phytoplasmas, maybe with a bad english but this is just the beginning…in the next days I will talk about culture phytoplasmas axenically, a very polemic subject in these days…see you! 

Molecular Biology

Metabolic suppression during protracted exposure to hypoxia in the jumbo squid, Dosidicus gigas, living in an oxygen minimum zone

The jumbo squid, Dosidicus gigas, can survive extended forays into the oxygen minimum zone (OMZ) of the Eastern Pacific Ocean. Previous studies have demonstrated reduced oxygen consumption and a limited anaerobic contribution to ATP production, suggesting the capacity for substantial metabolic suppression during hypoxic exposure. 310 more words


Helga Refsum

Since 2004, Dr. Refsum has excelled in her position as professor with the University of Oslo. She utilizes her expertise in nutrition, science, clinical research and molecular biology to teach undergraduate students, and supervise master’s and Ph.D. 110 more words


Characterization of the Antarctic sea urchin (Sterechinus neumayeri) transcriptome and mitogenome: a molecular resource for phylogenetics, ecophysiology and global change biology

This is the first de novo transcriptome and complete mitochondrial genome of an Antarctic sea urchin species sequenced to date. Sterechinus neumayeri is an Antarctic sea urchin and a model species for ecology, development, physiology, and global change biology. 230 more words


Designing RNA

Learn about RNA folding mechanics by solving puzzles in this online game.


To access other RNA puzzles and resources, please visit the EteRNA website: 43 more words

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