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Our paper on Plasmepsin

One of our recent paper entitled “Flap Dynamics of Plasmepsin Proteases: Proposed Parameters and Molecular Dynamics Insight” is published recently in Molecular Biosystems. 26 more words

[#2015PostPubRev] No conservation of protein dynamics in enzyme evolution

Today’s #365papers is about the topics of protein dynamics, their role in enzymes and some insights into their role in evolution.

Maintenance of Native-like Protein Dynamics May Not Be… 229 more words

[#2015PostPubRev] QM/MM analysis shows correlation between promiscuity and flexibility

To kick off my 2015 resolution, here’s a paper that uses molecular modelling to correlate the observed promiscuity profile of o-Succinylbenzoate Synthase with the involvement of alternative amino acids within the same active site. 144 more words

Welcome to the homepage of Soumendranath Bhakat whose research interest is within the exciting field of biology, chemistry and computational applications. This webpage not only highlights current research interests, publications but also contains links of several softwares and servers used in the field of computational biology, molecular modelling and drug discovery. 113 more words