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Mr. Hole

Today, Niko created a highly pornographic doll called Mr. Hole (a__hole, to be exact). This proves my theory that, unless we take action, Niko will grow up to either become a stripper, porn star, worker for… 19 more words

Pieces of me

I will eventually go into detail of my story but for now I want to share these articles so I will have them forever. It was a very stressful but freeing time in my life so I want to share them. 228 more words

All men are predators.

This is not something you actually hear any respected member of the public say. This is not what any respected feminist implies. This is not the public opinion of anyone who isn’t a complete idiot, really. 567 more words

Men's Rights

Read this article for some warning signs to look out for with child molesters..It shouldn't hurt to be a child...

Warning Signs of Child Molesters

Two out of every 10 young girls and one out of every 10 young boys are victims of sexual molestation and abuse. 401 more words

Delhi Man, allegedly Molested 2 Kids in Library

Cincinnatti Police arrested William Allen, for inappropriately touch 2 girls ages 6 and 11
click here for more details

Cincinnati News

Ladies, Protect Yourselves

I have recently viewed a video of an office lady being molested by a man on Singapore MRT. From the video, the person who took the video did not stop the man and the office lady did not walk away. 387 more words


Preventing Child Sexual Abuse; A Survivor’s Synopsis

Child sexual abuse is pervasive in our society; it knows no race, religion, gender, or economic status.  It has impacted generations of children; stripped them of their innocence and burdened them with trauma that can last a lifetime. 1,179 more words

Child Sexual Abuse