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Authorities Arrest Man Who Allegedly Dealt Deadly Electric Zoo Molly

Federal prosecutors charged a man in Buffalo for allegedly distributing the drugs that led to the death of a concertgoer at the Electric Zoo music festival last year. 272 more words


I’m not the same person I was, seven years ago. Quite honestly, I’m not the same person today as I was yesterday – it’s just been a more gradual change and I have yet to notice it. 748 more words

My Thoughts

Shrimp Sandwiches

Today my wife and I drove to Värmskog to eat their famous shrimp sandwiches. They are very tasty with hand-peeled shrimps.

Molly seems to be hungry.

Nice sandwich.. :)


Laidback European-Inspired Wedding: Molly + Asher by Decoration Themes

Pleased Monday! Today’s wedding is a exciting 1, pals. Molly + Asher tied the knot at a beautiful, old Los Angeles mansion with a celebration that was filled with chic, European-inspired style elements and a carefree summer dinner celebration vibe. 22 more words

9 Fairy Tales with Sinister Morals

Before Disney packed them full of happy endings and singing teapots, Fairy Tales were dark, violent stories told to teach kids harsh lessons. Fathers preyed on daughters, wicked step sisters had their feet chopped to pieces and wayward children slaughtered pensioners in their own homes. 1,623 more words


Why, hello.

I found out about you about… 5 days ago. I had a feeling, literally and figuratively. I know how you got here. I guess technically you were invited. 315 more words


Self Portraits

This summer I had two mixed media pieces in group shows.

The first portrait was a mixed media piece.  It incorporated two old family photos and one contemporary portrait of myself.   240 more words