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Summoning Reference Cards for Resurrectionists

Wyrd just released a set of reference cards for Resurrectionists. They even included a different card for each of Molly’s builds.

This is awesome because I was considering making some for my own use… and now I don’t have to. 72 more words


Slumbering terrors

Fear rumbled out of her mouth before she could stop it

There. Down the hall. A dense form pulling in the darkness.

Nothing good happens at 2 am. 532 more words


It’s the time of day when I’d rather hurl myself into traffic then look at another LinkedIn promotion update or read another Facebook status about healthy living. 334 more words


Six out of eight treatments done. My incredible sis sis made me an awesome healthy lunch and hung out for five looong hours to keep me company. 249 more words

MTV Announces New Reality Show About Contestants Addicted To Molly

One of the greatest music entertainment channels in history, MTV recently announced via Facebook, that they are starting a new reality show calling out to people addicted to Molly. 215 more words


10 things to do when it feels like the world just. won't. quit.

Yesterday was one of those days. You know, the ones where nothing seems to go well. I had unexpected debt find me, my phone shattered, mommy issues, I was crampy, hot and tired, we drove all over God’s green Earth for nothing, work wouldn’t stop, and I couldn’t get out of my funk. 557 more words

Fashion For Kids Event

MOLiCHiNO is participating in a new event: Fashion for Kids. The Event is to raise funds for K.I.D.S., a children’s charity that aids in the development of children through nourishment and education by feeding the bodies and minds of young children. 91 more words

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